October 18th, 2005


Bono plays drums, Edge is from another planet, and The Boss comes out for an encore!


(Understatement of the year.)

Last night's show in Philly was absolutely AMAZING.

I still can't believe I managed to see not only U2 for the second time but BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN as well.

Still. In. Shock.

U2.com has a pretty good report on it - very cute title with Bono's comment, "This can't be a Monday night." Yeah, Bono we all wish it was a Saturday!

Anyway, as I was in the upper level, I can't say I got any special glimpses of the band so I'll leave that to someone else. :-)

But! One last thing - Closing out with "40" had to be most moving ending encore ever. We were still all belting it out after Larry walked off the stage.

God, I love those guys...

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I wet 'em

DC show?

Hey fellow U2 fans. Just wanted to say hello. I've been a U2 freak since I first heard With or Without You back in 1987. I've seen them seven times:
1. First ZooTV show in Lakeland Florida (2/29/92)
2. Charlotte, NC (also ZooTV tour, 3/92)
3. Atlanta, GA (yes, more ZooTV, 3/5/92 - I met Bono that day)
4. Hampton, VA (yet one more ZooTV, 3/92)
5. Washington DC (the outdoor ZooTV tour, 8/92)
6. Dublin, Ireland (2nd to last Zooropa show, 8/93)
7. Boston, MA (Elevation tour, 6/01).

Tomorrow will make it #8, in DC - anyone else going? I driving up from Virginia Beach, and will be crashing at the Loews L'enfant Plaza hotel. I'm so excited!!!!
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(no subject)

So was anybody else on the Broad Street Subway after the show last night? If so, were you on the car with the frat boy that got pants-ed by the older lady? Because that was the perfect end to an amazing night. And It may teach the frat boy a valuable lesson about not letting his ass/underwear hang out in public.

Random Zoo TV Question

Hey all,

So I guess coming off a concert high has got me thinking about other U2 shows...This morning I had this bit stuck in my head from the "Achtung Baby: The Videos / Interference from ZOO TV" (1992).

It's in the middle of the video during some clips of fans rushing stadiums/Bono spraying champagne/other concert images and Bono is singing something in the background. It's not very clear, but it sounds almost tribal -"Ohhhh, ohhh...(something, something) ...tonight"

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? / Do you have this old tape and have often wondered the same thing?

I've started to think it was some sort of ritual he did during the tour or just one snippet from a concert.

If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them.
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