October 23rd, 2005

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The Missing 'Unforgettable Fire' Single

Which song from The Unforgettable Fire do you wish would have been a single?

A Sort Of Homecoming
4th of July
Indian Summer Sky
Elvis Presley and America

The winner from War was "Seconds."
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us uk love

U2 Pittsburgh

Hi everyone,

Just got home from U2 Pittsburgh. I have been to 3 shows in Pgh before and some elsewhere - it was the most incredible amazing U2 concert I have ever seen. Bono pulled 2 little boys on stage and he also pulled a guy up to play guitar for Party Girl. The atmosphere was INCREDIBLE - I have never seen a Pittsburgh show this amazing before.

Oh man..... it's like a spiritual experience for me, it's like a church revival or something... U2 is my Gospel music...


so i got one of the necklaces tonight and i found the most perfect use of the nifty little pouch it comes with! IT IS THE PERFECT SIZE FOR TO HOLD THE U2 IPOD! so now i have a protective bag to put my u2 ipod in when i keep it in my purse! how awesome is that!
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(I apologize for deleting the previous entry, I felt lazy this morning, made the entry in "richtext", then found I needed to edit a tag, and it messed everything up. I ran off to the cafeteria and didn't notice it was wacked out..sorry. That's what I get for being slacking today..)

Today's selection is

Don't Come Knocking from the "Don't Come Knocking Original Soundtrack"

Written by Bono and The Edge,
performed by Andrea Corr, Bono, and The Edge

This song was available for streaming play/download from U2.com for the first time about a month ago, perhaps longer.

I was pretty excited about it, as I loved Bono and The Corrs voice combination on "When the Stars Go Blue", the Ryan Adams song. Bono + a female voice always pleases me, I think. His voice seems
a little shakey at first here, but that could perhaps be intentional...The lyrics here are, in my opinion, more well written than some of Bono's recent works..

The music and lyrics of this song remind me a lot of "North and South of the River", but I'm not sure if that's a result of the solely Bono/Edge combination or what... at any rate it's a good little tune that is staying stuck in my head lately.

Best lyric:
"I won't bring you roses, I'll bring myself instead" To which I say, any time, Bono, any time..

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us uk love


Hi there,

I was inspired to write this after last night's AMAZING concert. If you want to use it yourself, edit it, or add anything to it, feel free. These are just my thoughts on being a fan for the past 15 years.

I am a U2 fan.

I support a band that has played nearly every country in the world.

I believe in debt relief for developing nations.

I believe in universal human rights.

I believe that one person's voice can make a difference.

I believe in turning songs into prayers.

I believe in the miracle of the soul.

I believe in creating a better world for our future generations.

I believe that compassion and peace are more powerful than bullets.

I believe that working towards a better future is bigger than partisian divides.

I believe in love.

I believe that saving the African continent is more important than a war against Terror.

I believe that .20 cents from every American will save more lives than the bulk of our tax dollars.

I believe that my purpose on Earth is to help others.

I believe that there are things bigger than us all at work here.

I believe that we have all been profoundly gifted with life and it is our responsibility to be worthy of this gift.

I believe a U2 concert is more spiritual than Church.

I am a U2 fan.

And I am proud.
[conan] - HP

missing Joshua Tree single

What song from The Joshua Tree do you wish would have been a single?

Bullet The Blue Sky
Running To Stand Still
Red Hill Mining Town
Trip Through Your Wires
Mothers of the Disappeared

One Tree Hill was a single but u2.com tells me for New Zealand only. So it's up to you if you want to vote for it or not.

The winner for yesterday's poll was 'Bad' for very obvious reasons. :D

I'm also posting this poll twice today because I don't anticipate having power for a few days. :(
Hurricane + No Power + No Internets = A very very very sad me.
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Enid (my alter ego)


What time on average have those of you (who have waited in line with GA tickets) arrived to wait in line?? I am curious because I am seeing them in Dallas this Saturday. Any info will help, thanks. :)

(no subject)

Hiya, guys.

My best friend and I will be driving from Baton Rouge, LA to Houston, TX later this week to see the boys. He had a membership to Propaganda back in the day and now has the little U2 official membership card. We were wondering if that would help us to get into the bomb shelter or not. Any hints?

I know that this was discussed in great depth before the tour kicked-off, but I was hoping that some of your personal experiences might shed a little light on the unending mystery that is a U2-show.

merci en avance.
Twitchy Winky

(no subject)

So in the car "With Or Without You" comes on and my mom points at the radio and comments "he dosen't have the greatest voice". I was polite and replied "eh."...really i wanted to say something more. o well.

Larry Birthday Book - final call!

Hey dudes. Just to let y'all know that this is the final call for messages for Larry's birthday book. I'm ending it on Tuesday night, my time (I'm online about 10pm GMT) so any messages after that will not be included. I have to make the thing and send it and blah. Whole loada work. ;) So, if you haven't sent one yet and want to, please mail me at bonoffee@gmail.com and include a name!

Thanking yooooou!

K x

2006 calendars?

Has anyone seen the various U2 calendars available for next year?

~ The official one is being published by Danilo but I can't find any pictures of it yet. I doubt I'll buy it anyway as the official ones tend to be a bit rubbish, but I'm still interested to see what it looks like.

~ The front cover of the unofficial one by Blossom Rock / Slow Dazzle is here... I bought their one last year and it's great, so I have a certain amount of faith in this company. Plus I know this calendar is available in my local shops (so I've been told).

~ There's another unofficial one by Dream whose cover can be seen here. Apparently this one comes with stickers, which is rather tempting!!

~ I've also seen a listing for one by Edibas, but I can't find any pictures of that one.

If anyone has any handy links or recommendations, do speak up!  (Here's a purchase link for the Blossom Rock and Dream calendars.)
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