October 24th, 2005

Any Changes?

So Bono scored some major victories recently with all those African countries getting their debt forgiven, and the IRA disarmament.

Those of you who have been to concerts since that happened: how has this affected the political set?
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The Hip Hop Stars of Geopolitics

Bush, Blair and Chirac may not have been noted for their 'bling' before but that's how Bono saw them in a speech at the weekend. He was receiving the International Statesman award - previous winners include Anwar Sadat, Mickhail Gorbechev, and Yitzsak Rabin - from the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia.

In his speech he spoke of the lives of those who are trapped in extreme poverty - and of the progress made towards ending such poverty in 2005.

'Six-and-a-half thousand Africans are dying every single day of AIDS -- a preventable, treatable disease,' he explained. 'Justice is a higher standard. It questions our commitment, because there is no way we can look at what is happening in Africa and, if we're honest, conclude that it would ever be allowed to happen anywhere else - anywhere else.'

But 2005 had seen real progress, notably at the G8 Summit at Gleneagles in Scotland in July. 'The Group of 8 is the big rich countries. It's like the hip-hop stars of geopolitics. [President George W.] Bush, [UK Prime Minister Tony] Blair, [French Prime Minister Jacques] Chirac -- the guys with the bling.'

'...They actually got to some serious business, and pledged $50 billion more additional for the world's poorest people, half of it for Africa, which is great.'

Keep up to speed with the political campaign to fight global poverty at DATA, the campaigning group founded by Bono. http://www.data.org/

--From U2.com
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U2 Locations in Dublin?

I'm in Dublin for the next 2 days and I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of any famous U2 spots while I'm here?

Locations for videos shot,
Recording venues,
Live Venues,
Frequent bars used,
You know, that type of thing

I just figure after being a fan for 20 odd years an I finally make it to Dublin then I should really make an effort to track this stuff down :)

Let's go back in time for a minute

This is from Rolling Stone, 2/19/81:

U2: Here Comes the "Next Big Thing" -- Future looks bright for Irish rockers


Here I am, an American writer, dining with an Irish band in a Greek restaurant in the heart of England. Strange? Well, so is the scene that's unfolding in front of me. A few feet away, two musicians are seated on a platform. One is playing bouzouki, a stringed instrument similar to a mandolin, while the other, a heavy-set fellow in black suit and dark glasses who looks remarkably like the Godfather, is hammering away at a small electric keyboard with built-in rhythm machine. In front of them, approving patrons toss plate after ceramic plate to the floor, where they shatter at the feet of U2's Bono Vox, who is demonstrating that a rock singer from Ireland can be quite a lively dancer.

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Today, for Song of the Day, I thought I'd do something different...just because I find it fascinating.

Today's Song of the Day is
The First Installment of "Bono:  The Rolling Stone Interview" PodCast
Instructions and information found here.
From what I can tell, it's a 10-11 hour interview, but they're breaking into short portions for your listening pleasure/sanity.  I certainly hope the release the entire interview--it's fascinating.  I will be sending them feedback, letting them know they should keep going!  I won't spoil it here for anyone who has yet to listen, but feel free to put your thoughts on the podcast in the comment section for discussion! :)

Sorry for the shake-up, but enjoy the PodCast.
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Rolling Stone Interview w/Bono

In the new RS where Bono talks about all of U2's albums he talks about HTDAAB as being one of their most solid musical and lyrical albums.

I found that kind of odd since to me it's one of their worst, and in a post awhile ago it seemed a lot of people felt that way.

Do you think he's out of touch with the audience, egotistical and pushing the new album or something else entirely?

Also, Kanye West is opening the Portland show... haha.

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Did anyone see this on Defamer tonight?

"Defamer Connections: Desperately Seeking Desperate U2 Fans

Defamer is committed to helping cash-strapped, female U2 fans connect with the sensitive, anonymous Craigslist posters looking to test the limits of both their self-esteem and their devotion to their favorite band:

'FREE U2 FLOOR seat for 11/1, Staples Center
I’ve got an extra floor seat for the u2 concert at the staples center on 11/1 and would like to take a lovely lady, preferably a dedicated u2 fan with real body parts. Send me a photo, explain to me why you’re not just a pretty face, and why you like U2. Your cheat sheet (after all, you have to determine if you can stand an evening with me): Not a big oily bo-hunk manchild, I’m better suited for the sophisticate crowd who appreciates wicked intelligence, a great sense of humor, and kind eyes. I speak 2.5 languages, am very kind to small animals, and appreciate all things 80’s (save the mullets).'

Remember, lovely ladies, that these are floor seats. If you loved Bono enough, you’d be calling your surgeon to ask if it’s possible to temporarily remove those unattractive fake body parts long enough to appease the non-oily un-bo-hunk-manchild whose boss decided he didn’t need those U2 tickets after all."

Defamer link
CList ad

I'm almost tempted to reply. Just kidding :P
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