October 25th, 2005

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"MLK" from The Unforgettable Fire

I remember watching one of those numerous countdown shows on music television, and this particular one was counting down the 22 greatest live performers.  Don't ask me why 22.  I remember U2 placing fourth.  Anyway, one of the 'talking heads' said that U2 made them want to learn more about Martin Luther King, Jr.  A comment I found odd at the time.

A ha, a clue, Sherlock!  I eventually found out why.  I love the peacefulness of this song, which comes from its lack of instrumentation.  It's simply Bono, and some chords provided by... I'm guessing an organ or a synth.  It was ending yet another album on a peaceful note, a trend that was soon to change.  Just like War before it (40), and how October was supposed to end (Scarlet), a hopeful song of reconciliation. 
It's simplicity is meant to help it be sung in communion.  Whether used in peaceful protest, or to end U2 concerts (like '40'), I don't know.  But one can almost imagine this song ending a concert, leaving the audience singing "Let it rain, rain on he."

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U2 Concert at The Palace

Hello everyone. Last night my bf and I went to the U2 show at The Palace in Auburn Hills (Detroit) Michigan. The concert was awesome, we were close enough to touch Bono and the boys, and they often interacted with the audience. Overall a great night.

Now I'm trying to put together the playlist, in order. Did anyone else attend this show and can help me out with this? I would be truly grateful.

U2 in Detroit, again

I have to agree, the concert last night was absolutely awesome! I ended up on the rail of the ellipse, perfectly centered for their performances out there. Never been that close to them before! And for the people going tonight (I'll see you there!) - the Palace has no problem with cameras.

Two questions now:

1 - Did anyone get any good pictures of the show last night? I got a few, but for the most part they're very blurry.

2 - Anyone know where recordings of the concerts are available? I have bootlegs of all my past U2 concerts, and I'd like to keep a complete collection!

ptittsburgh show

ok is it just me or did anyone else think the highlight of the show was when bono was singing in italian for miss sarajevo??
it was so beautiful and amazing!
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    Miss Sarajevo - Passengers & Luciano Pavarotti

cameras? yes, no, maybe so?

So I'm going to my first U2 concert on Friday and I'm freaken excited(of course). But I have a question for everyone who has gone already during this tour. I just got a camera this week and I really want to bring it to the concert to take pictures but my ticket says "no cameras". Now I've been told this just means like twin lenses and professional cameras. So have any of yall had a problem bringing your simple point and shoot camera into the concert?? I really don't want to take a chance and have to deal with that. Any feedback would be great.

Sorry if this has already been asked...I have a hard time keeping up with this community. So if it has been asked if you could please just redirect me to that page then that would be great! Thanks everyone!!
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(no subject)

Hey, all.

I just heard that U2 has done a version of the song "Hallelujah." As that's one of my favorite songs, and U2 is my favorite band, I'd love to somehow get my hands on it. Anyone have any idea where I could find it? Maybe I was mislead and it doesn't even exist, but I figured I'd ask.

Thanks for any help you can give me!

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