October 26th, 2005

cd mix

since u2 fans kick ass, (common knowledge duh ;) ) i figured i would ask you guys a question. what would you put on a u2 mix for a newbie. would you more hits than rareities(sp) or just rareties and make a apprecative u2 fan? thats the frist part of the question, then next part is optional but what songs would you put on the mix. ans yes its 7am here in F*#king freezing north carolina (ps southern = creampuff so all you northers out there....) and i prob worded the question as such that you prob though i mean what songs would you put on the the mix for the first question and this is a really long winded explaination, what i'm trying to get at (and i think i proofed my point) is that i should not be posting at such an early hour. final question, once again optional, but i dj at my college radio and i'm doing a u2 show. i've done some in the past, i played a bootleg of the vertigo tour and prob a 30 min block but i want your guys option of what i should play on a 2 hour show. any input would be appreciated. thank guys you rock!
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General Admission seats

I have a cheesy question, but because I am somewhat claustrophobic I'll ask...I have GA seats to the Tampa, FL concert. I've seen U2 live before and their fans are not pushy or anything, but my question is, how comfortable is it in general admission seating/standing? Is everyone on top of each other like at Guns N' Roses concerts (lol) or is it nice, no one shoving, etc?
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From desperation comes a request...

Hi all!

I'm looking for 2 tickets for either the Montreal, Ottawa or Buffalo shows. If anyone is looking to sell a pair please, please, please email me at wendiloo@gmail.com. GAs or seats welcome, 2 single seats is fine too.

Desperate in Toronto!
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Show Review

So it's a little late, but here's my journal entry (from my regular journal) about the Pittsburgh show 10/22 in case anyone's interested.

Side note: This was my third show (10/31/2001 Providence, RI; 05/26/2005 Boston, MA)

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Pittsburgh Bootleg??

So I know that bootlegs are often...frowned upon.

I had to come back and edit...

Does anyone know of a website that does bootlegs or of someone who has that show on CD or anything like that? I don't want a DVD or anything (I know some people do those), I would just love to have the audio of the FANTASTIC Pittsburgh 10/22 show.

Any helpful info would be greatly appreciated!
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funny how things work out

Well....Erin, my friend who was going with me to see U2 lost a very dear friend today, Hillary. Someone she had known for ten years. Someone I also was friends with, who in fact introduced me to Erin, got me my job which I am going into my third year on, and is one of my other friend's sister..

Don't know if that makes sense. We are a close knit group. And last night we lost one of our own. She died of a heart attack. Very sudden, very unexpected.

I may be going to see U2 alone, if my friend is too grief ridden to go. I am going to go though, because Hillary knew how much I was looking forward to it, and what it meant to me, and I know she would want me to go. it will be bittersweet now...

What a bizarre time to go to my first concert. I have never lost a friend like this before..so right now I am kinda numb. I am OK though, everyone just pray or send kind thoughts for my friend Erin and for Hillary's family.

What would everyone else do in this situation, or what do you envision you would do? I am hoping I am not being selfish in any way...if you know sort of what I mean....
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