October 27th, 2005

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Today's song...

"One Tree Hill" from The Joshua Tree

One of my favorites from JT, an album which I almost prefer the latter half of.  It's a dedication to Greg Carroll, the man who had become Bono's assistant for a while.  They met him in New Zealand, he was working for their promoter.  They liked him so much and felt he had the know-how, that they took him on the rest of the tour and back to Dublin.  One night he was taking Bono's Harley home for him, had an accident, and died instatly.

The intro is very tribal sounding, and it soon becomes a powerful hymn.  Bono's lyric work is some of the best he's ever done.  It's full of water metaphors, a reference to Greg's Maori, seafaring ancestry.  Even without the ancestry, the river flowing to the sea is still a powerful image.  My favorite part of the song comes with the "rain" lines, where everything is turned up to 11.

And where is One Tree Hill?  It's one of several islands that make up Auckland, New Zealand.  If you have Into The Heart, it has a very pretty picture of it.  It's a daylight picture, but one can imagine how beautiful the moon rising over the hill would be...

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