October 28th, 2005

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** Sorry!! I didn't know that someone already mentioned about this a couple days ago. Oh well, at least those who completely missed it (like me!) can watch it. **

Hahahaha!! This is one of the most hilarious parodies I've ever seen!
A friend found this, and it's basically a children's nursery rhyme song...done in the tune of "Beautiful Day" by U2.
There's also a whole bunch of other related stuff done with various artists' songs

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Hey guys, you have no idea how much I hate to be doing this but times are hard, and I appear to have amassed a select collection of U2 stuff. A lot of it will be stuff people already have, but I think there's a few uncertain goodies. I've tried to be as fair as I can [i.e. not been an eBay hoor about it all], and I hope that if there's something that you might find of interest/worth here.

The pricings don’t include postage and packing, and I’ll calculate that based on where you live. I'll ship to anywhere in the world, and obviously if you’re interested in a bulk parcel of stuff I’ll willingly cut you a deal with some extra goodies, or a slightly cheaper package of stuff.

If you’re interested or have any questions, leave a comment to this post, or send me an email at realtarealta@hotmail.com

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There is a distinct chance I am going to have an extra ticket for the Dallas show. my friend just called and said she is not going to go. So i will be making the trek from Tulsa , OK tomorrow, for the first time on my own. Considering I have only ever been to Dallas once, this should be really interesting.

Anywho , whoever bought it would have to sit by me. I am nerdy, and a complete spaz...not to mention I will be all sweaty. Anyone willing to brave that can buy the ticket! LOL.

We are behind the stage and pretty high up. I can not remember the exact section, but I will have that tonight after I pick up the tickets from my friend.

I will be getting there mid afternoon, barring I do not get lost. Probably around 2 or 3pm, maybe a bit later.

Anyone interested let me know. Unless she changes her mind this one is up for grabs, at face value.
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Cameras at the Toyota Center!

I asked a couple of days ago about the policy on cameras. Well I just called the Toyota Center and they said cameras are allowed but the lens can't come out more then 4 inches and the flash must be disabled.
Just thought I'd let anyone know who was also wondering. Geez I should have just called them in the first place!
I'm so glad though b/c that's partly why I got a new camera so I could take pictures at the concert.

I'm so excited!!!! Only 3 1/2 hours!!!!


Just put Bono in the costume, and Edge with the soda...

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Also, is anyone else having trouble viewing the Vertigo DVD clips on U2.com?  Usually it lets you pick between Quicktime and WindowsMedia.  I have both, but it seems only Quicktime works for me, and of course they're only offering Windows qualities now.  Even if it says "Choose player and quality."  Harumph!

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