October 31st, 2005

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U2 Los Angeles Tickets


I know this is probably bad to ask this on here, but I was wondering if anybody had 2 GA tickets for either LA show they would be willing to sell. I have been trying hard to find them, and I thought I did, but nope, no luck. So, if anybody has tickets they have for sale in the GA section either day please email me a bbedel@gmail.com


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Amusing U2 joke...

Hi all,

I read this site called, "Overheard in New York." Today, I found this amusing piece of conversation:

"Tony Blair Gets Blamed for All the Disasters"

Girl: How old is that guy?
Guy: Who, Bono? 40, 45.
Girl: Oh, and where are they from, England?

--7 train
Overheard by: Jack Kennedy

Crazy people thinking U2 is from England...Ha.
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Best. Concert. Ever.

This is my post-concert entry that I posted in my personal journal this morning. I thought you guys might appreciate it as well.

Saturday afternoon, my wife and I watched U2 - Go Home which is a DVD of a concert that U2 did at Slaine Castle in Ireland from the All That You Can't Leave Behind tour. We met Brandy's friend, Tiffany, and notgus at Pei Wei in Addison before the show. On the way to Pei Wei, we listened to Rattle and Hum. After some good Chinese food, we were off to American Airlines Center. Gus and Tiffany rode with us and we listened to How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb on the way.

The trip to the arena was surprisingly fast and parking was incredibly easy (yet freakin' expensive), so we were there pretty early. We went through security and then stood in the massive line for over-priced tee shirts. Gus and I headed up to the 3rd level to find our seats while the girls went to find booze.

Our seats were pretty damn good. I would have liked to be closer, but our view was great and we were in row A, so nobody was in front of us. I sat down most of the show a) because I could and b) because being that high up and that close to the edge gave me a little Vertigo. ;)

Once we were seated and sufficiently boozed-up, it seemed like forever before the show started. The arena was about 1/3 full when the house lights dimmed at 7:30 for the opening act.

Damian Marley (son of Bob) opened the show with his reggae band. They played about a 50 minute set of loud rap-reggae which included wild-dancing backup singers and a guy whose job was to follow Damian around the stage waving a Jamacian flag.

They weren't bad, but I wouldn't buy their CD or go to a concert just to see them.

The stage crew removed Damian Marley's equipment and got U2's stuff setup. The house lights dimmed again at just around 9pm and the packed house went batshit crazy.

U2 opened the show in dramatic fashion with City of Blinding Lights followed by Vertigo. They only did 6 tracks from their latest album, How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb. That was just fine by me, I was more interested in hearing older songs and songs from my favorite U2 album, All That You Can't Leave Behind (they played 3 songs from that album).

During Sunday, Bloody Sunday, Bono brought a young boy up on stage and had him sing along a bit.

I think the single most visually and musically powerful performances of the show was Love And Peace Or Else. During that song, Larry Mullen walked out on to the farthest tip of the egg-shaped catwalk and played drums on a set of tom-toms while the stage lights glowed red. During a slower portion of the song, Larry walked back to his regular drum set on the stage and Bono took over the tom-toms, beating them like a man possessed.

There were two encores. During the first encore, a fan on the floor yelled up to Bono that he could play guitar. Bono brought him up on the stage, got him a guitar, and asked him what song he wanted to do. The fan chose Angel of Harlem... and HE COULD PLAY. This was hands-down the coolest thing I have ever seen at a concert. The fan played the entire song with the band, sang backup with Bono, and got to keep Bono's sunglasses after the song was over. It was unbelievable.

The second encore included All Because Of You which is one of the few songs from the new album that I really like, Yahweh which I don't care too much for on the album but sounded good live, and they ended the show with 40 which was fantastic as always.

When I bought the tickets, I justified the cost to myself by saying that this is my favorite band in the world and I've never seen them and might never see them again. Once the show got started, Gus and I both felt that we had gotten a bargain. If they tour again, I'll go again. No question.

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From Saturday's Dallas Morning News - Bono Saves The World.
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Rare track help!

Hi, I'm looking for a copy of the song RACE AGAINST TIME off the "Where the Streets Have No Name" single. I actually already have a copy of the track (it's awesome!) but it's iTunes-locked (grrr) and I was really hoping to include it in a mix over at _rfa. If anyone has a copy of the track that they could send me--mp3, preferably--I would really, really appreciate it. Thanks!
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Get Excited and Make Things

Ticket trade for LA2?

I have a GA ticket for the second night at Staples on Wednesday. I would like to see if anyone wants to trade for a seated ticket. I am really sick but determined to go but I just don't think I can hack the GA fiasco this time around, I really wish I could. I'd be willing to meet up and exchange tickets tomorrow night or early Wednesday morning.

email me at ArtTrashChelsea@aol.com if you're interested.

total score

i just got back from my monday shopping. i happened to walk past the works- that's a discount book store for those not in the UK. in the window my eye happened to catch a book with U2 in big letters on the cover. so i stopped to check things out and there before me was U2 into the heart by niall stokes, brand new updated version for the grand total of £4.99. i couldn't run in the shop fast enough.
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U2 @ Halloween

Seeing as Halloween isn't just for kids anymore, what costumes would you like to see the guys dress up as tonight for tick-or-treating (whatever you deem that to be...)? ;)

Also, has anyone dressed as one of the guys? I was Bono for my high school's International Fair one year (my group had Ireland), but that wasn't Halloween. Still fun, though.
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The Edge is from the future.....says its better

i was wondering if one of you could confirm the fact that the video screens come down during Edge's solo during Electric Co, projecting him like they did during the later european shows. Ive seen one picture of this on U2log but havent seen any other evidence towards it since. so, are there any visuals during his solo? k thnx bye.
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Dallas Concert pics?

I was wondering if anyone here went to the Dallas show on Oct. 29th, and if so, were you lucky enough to get a camera in and get pictures? I saw lots of flashes going off, so I know tons of people had cameras.

I just want them for my own personal memory, I am not posting them on a site or anything. If anyone has some , please let me know!


Love and peace!
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Surprise colleague

Hahahaha... today I found out there's a guy called Dave Evans on my floor at work!  I received an email with a list of people who donated money to charity last week, and the name jumped out at me. It was still early morning and my brain hadn't warmed up yet, so at first I was just staring at it thinking "Hey, that name sounds familiar, I'm sure that's FROM something!"... then it hit me and I was totally cracking up at my desk. *g*

Anyone else know a Dave Evans, or better yet a Paul Hewson?!
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