November 2nd, 2005

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Does anyone know where I can get U2's version of Stuck in a Moment that you can't get out of with Conan O'Brain? I have the video version, but if there is an audio version of it, I would love to have it. Thanks!

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this past weekend, the plan was already set to fly to houston for a saturday night wedding..
then they announced a u2 show for friday night.
of course i had to go.

my e-flight ticket confirmation number was six letters, they began: U2*****
not kidding.

Song of the Day

Song of today...

"Are You Gonna Wait Forever?" from the Vertigo single

The opening lyric immediately reminds me of another song, and I'm not sure how it couldn't for most people. "All the obstacles in my way, now..."  Hey, uh, Bono... you skipped "I can see clearly now, the rain is gone."  It even sounds the same, just modernized with that funky guitar noise Edge is putting out.

It took a while for me to like this song.  But now I really like it for it's optimism.  It's one of those songs you can use to feel better, or at least feel hopeful.  The lyrics are a bit uncreative, with the one-line chorus.  Plus, lines like "furniture you can rearrange" are about the same notch as "always wear a safety belt."  I prefer this song as a whole, though, than the sum of it's parts.  It's a nice little track to put on and feel good too.  Even if it will be a while till summer comes again (except for our Down Under friends in here), you can just pretend it's right around the corner, with all sorts of other happiness. :)

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Fave Lyric:
Getting closer, closer to what's true.
Gonna find myself in you.

Here's where I get fickle.  I am NOT putting this song on Gmail, I draw my line of file-sharing between what's readily available and what isn't.  The Vertigo single is still in stores. 

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any pics of the Larry Mullen Band??

At last night's U2 show in L.A., in honour of Larry's 44th Birthday, the whole band came out for the 2nd encore wearing shirts that said "Larry Mullen Band."

To anyone who was at the show and got a decent picture of this brilliance, PLEASE post it in the community. It sounds like a priceless moment!

Miss Sarajevo, anyone?

Anybody know a good place to acquire Miss Sarajevo? I would like to eventually purchase it, but after seeing the boys in Detroit and hearing Bono release "the opera" in him, I would really like to have the song to listen to. I found it hard to believe I didn't already have the song in my library...

Any help would be much appreciated. =) Thanks.
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i've been back 4 pages but cannot find it so maybe i'm hallucinating but i could swear someone here posted a link for a video of the band performing Please. it looked to be an awards ceremony of some sort or a talk show or something as there was a set and a live audience, but it wasnt a music video. (someone introduced the band first)

its old. bono was wearing a hoody that he never took the hood off of, and the vid screen behind portrayed many irish and british symbols.

thanks in advance
Laura 02


Hey - I remember reading about the Gmail thingy, but when I went on I couldn't get on. Could someone give me the username and password so I could try again. When I went on, it just gave me a blank screen, so does that mean that I need to try again some other time?


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Hiya. I'm pretty new. My name's Georgia, I'm a really big fan of U2 and I absolutely love 'em and all that etcetera etcetera etcetera. My favourite albums are War and Achtung Baby and just recently I got my hands on a U2 iPod.
So yeah. Hi all!

And I have one question for you all (well, the girls anyway): Do you think Bono is hot?

There are many opinions... I'm just curious.
(Myself, I think Bono is hot. In fact, he is the sex. But that's probably just me XDD)

Ok, please comment. =)
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New community (& icons!)

Ok, I think we all loved The Larry Mullen Band that appeared on Larry's bday on his 44th bday. So I created tlmb (the Larry Mullen Band) for those Lovers of Larry's. And I made icons. Weeee!

If you want to use any, please take with my blessings. The pics were taken from U2's website. :)

Best Albums - with a twist

I finally got around to finish the Bono article in Rolling Stone. Boy that man can talk forever. In the sidebar where he reviews all the studio albums, he ends HTDAAB with this "It's the best collection of songs we've put together - there's no weak songs. But as an album, the whole isn't greater than the sum of its parts, and it fucking annoys me."

That got me to thinking.... which album do you think is best as a whole? a concept? as a theme?

Conversely, which album do you think is just a group of good songs, but not a sound whole piece?