November 4th, 2005


A little more Podcast

To those of you who subscribed to the iPod Podcast of Bono's Rolling Stone Interview, a new 2 1/2 minute addition has been added today. Bono talks about his sunglasses.

That's it. I'm sure more is coming in the near future.
The North Sea

Venue camera policey

Any of you guys been to any of these venues listed below? If so, can you tell me how hard it is to get a digital camera in? I'm coming over for these shows from the UK, so I've not done these venues before. Would prefer to know before hand which venues I may need to leave my camera in my hotel room!

I think the main thing I want to know is if any of these use airport style scanners?

Boston Bank North Garden
Madison Square Garden - Depeche Mode shows, but I'm sure there's many DM fans on here!
Buffalo HSBC Arena
Cleveland Quicken Loans Arena
St Louis Savvis Center
Omaha Qwest Arena
Salt Lake City Delta Arena
Portland Rose Garden

Also any of you attending the @U2 party in Portland?
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disposable cameras//

Hi again.

Uhm, so I have a question about cameras in arenas.

Do disposable cameras have enough 'strength' or whatever to capture the images well in the dark? Or should I bring my digital camera? I'm probably going to be GA, if that means anything.

Has anyone bought tickets from Trustworthy, or not?

Thanks, have a nice day.
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 Regarding the recent soundchecking of "Mofo", I am thinking that they may pull it out when they hit Las Vegas, seeing as Vegas is the said capital of PopMart.  I think it would be appropriate.  Where do you guys think Mofo would fit in the set?  As an encore opener?  Maybe they will open the show with it?(haha, or not).  I think an interesting set would have mofo opening and then move city of blinding lights to the encore, to pick up the pace a bit.  of course, this is all speculation and the band can continue exactly what they're doing and il still be happy.  Have fun in Vegas!


I got this from the @U2 newsgroup. Not sure if it as been mentioned here yet. North American tour, 3rd leg....thank God for overtime.

November 03, 2005
posted by: m2

Two pieces of good news coming out of the shows this week in Los

1) One of our @U2 friends heard Paul McGuinness telling a fan that U2
will play Australia and Japan in 2006. (Thx R)

2) Fans who spoke with Tour Production Manager Jake Berry were told
the 4th leg of the tour will be announced as soon as next week. (Thx

Here we go (again)!
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For the first time........

You know I have no clue why i am writing this in U2 land. haha. but hey. know the song "the first time" or something like that. well a line goes "for the first time i feel loved" well anyways i hate to say it but i've never had much luck with girls. (give me credit at least i go out and try to ask for a date...get shot down all the time) well last december in the middle of times sq i had gotten my first kiss from the first girl i ever fell in love with and was in love with from 1997-2005. Anyways I have never had a date or anything like that or a girlfriend. (Sorry if i am playing feel sorry for me) but anyways i hope those words from that song will ring true when someone likes me for who i am and what not and even wants to be my first gf or even give me a french kiss - (never had one.) So when that day happens I'll say its a beautiful day and for the first time, I feel loved! ......Count down to my first U2 show MSG 11-21-05

PS-Not that anyone cares but for the 2 editing projects I have done for people I have put 2 U2 songs in. Orginal of the Spieces and SYCMIOYO (editing to photos with fades and what not....both songs were used to pay tribute to someone)