November 5th, 2005

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Snagged from IMDb Message Board

I got this from "carmellove2678" over on the Bono message board on the Internet Movie Database.

Now, I think most of us are aware, but for those who aren't, Henry Rollins (ex-lead singer of Black Flag, current lead singer of the Rollins Band, spoken word artist, poet, and actor) kind of hates on U2. Saying The Clash is the band our boys wanted to be but never could, bitching that they took a year off to make Achtung Baby, stuff like that.

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Now, I don't have to feel so guilty about liking Henry Rollins all these years (even though the video for "Liar" still scares the hell out of me).
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And so I make my introduction

I've been lurking around here for a bit, so I decided it's time to actually say hello and introduce myself!

I'm Tara and obviously, I'm a U2 fan, been so for about 6-7 years. I "discovered" U2 in a fairly interesting way: I had a teacher in 9th grade who was a huuuge fan. She had pictures of when she actually met Bono and Edge in a London air port hanging on her bulletin board. Anyway, one day I was standing by her desk to ask a question after class ended, and I noticed under her desk, taped to her drawer where only she or something stand close could see it: a picture of Bono. (I found out later that during boring class moments she would lean back and stare at it. lol, she's a cool lady) I asked her who it was, and she was so surprised I didn't know, she told me about the greatest band on earth, U2. She took right out of her purse Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby for me to borrow. So, I went home, listened to Joshua Tree and it was love at first listen. Achtung pretty much sealed the deal. I think that weekend I went out and grabbed those two albums along with October and Pop.

Unfortunately, I have never been to a concert, so I live vicariously through everyone else's experiences. I actually had the chance to go to the Philly one with surprise guest Bruce Springsteen, but due to a cell phone debacle, I got the voice mail late and thus, could not go. >< I'm working on it though, I have a friend who is determined to get me there, lol.

Achtung and ATYCLB are my favorite albums...can't possibly have a favorite song, I decided long ago it's impossible. As far as videos, I am partial to Electrical Storm, due to the fact that Larry is the most beautiful man on the face of the planet XD

aaaand...that's me! ^^ I really like this community so far, you guys rock!
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Song of the day - UPDATE

Have permission from Rivergoat to distribute this mix as much as we care to XD

MOFOxTomorrow mash-up

    "Her notes: -

    1) The beginning is simply parts of Mofo reversed - I am sure that, by now, most of y'all have heard my thoughts on ofoM! }:)~

    2) ofoM segues into the drumstick countdown in Tomorrow - if you listen closely, you can hear it.

    3) The beginning is disjointed on purpose.

    4) This mix is *mostly* a simple chop-and-paste. It was done entirely with Adobe Audition (formerly known as Cool Edit).

    5) The "black car" part always gives me the giggles for some reason - I guess it's because I visualize a young, mulleted Bono getting his groove on with that goofy early 80's stomp-dance he used to do! }:)~

    6) I think I shot my big guns early - the beginning is the best part IMO.

    7) During the mixing, I noticed something I'd not heard before - right after the part "Noone tells me no", you can hear Bono singing distantly "I'm calling, I'm calling, I'm calling." Cool.

    8) I originally wanted to put the ending of Tomorrow into the end of this mix, but I think it winds down better this way.

    Feel free to distribute this mix if you want to. Any questions or suggestions are welcome -"

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Bellhouse Provincial Park

Bizarre U2 dreams

Wow... I just had a U2 dream last night.

I used to get these U2 dreams all the time when I was younger (as in, when I was 13 and 14), but it's been some time since I've had one so vivid! (I'm 25 now). What's really funny is that if I ever met U2, I would certainly not act the same way I would in my dream. I *kind of* met Adam Clayton once, as he came to greet us outside of GM Place in Vancouver before the Elevation tour, but that doesn't really count.

Anyhow, for some reason, I feel like sharing this dream, because I know all of you are crazy U2 fans like I am, and we all get U2 dreams once in a while, don't we? ;) So here's a ridiculous U2 dream. Feel free to laugh and giggle. Enjoy!

My U2 dream:

U2 were playing some sort of outdoor stadium tour, but without their flashy backdrops, lights and catwalks. In fact, it wasn't really at a stadium - it was in a school field! The stage was about 4 feet high in a school field, and I just happened to be really close to the front of the stage. The crowd wasn't insanely packed, but it seemed to consist of a lot of socially-responsible fans... human rights activitists, etc.

I don't even remember U2 playing any music, but I remember Bono up on the stage, looking over to my side of the crowd, and I thought he was looking at me, because he gave me a little nod with his head, as if to say, "I'll bring you up on stage if you want..." and I thought, "Wow! I thought this would never happen!" But then Bono took the girl who was standing infront of me. She was wearing a white t-shirt with some sort of unrecognizable language on it, and I thought Bono only picked her because her shirt had some socially-responsible message on it, hehe.

Regardless, I wasn't mad - I was just amazed I came so close to being put up on stage. A few moments later, the crowd seemed to dispurse backwards, and everyone was running over to the back of the field, away from the stage. In a very Arcade Fire style, U2 decided to hop off stage and continue their concert at the back of the field, totally opposite the stage, so that people at the back had an equal chance to see them. However, just like on stage, I don't recall U2 actually playing instruments or singing. They were just standing there, and people weren't really mobbing them, but people were standing around saying, "Oh my god! That's Bono! Look! There's Larry! They're standing right there!"

I remember wanting to get a camera so badly so that I could try to get a picture... or even better, my picture taken with them. Haha! And it was then that I realized that I was no longer in a school field, but that I was in my own back yard. U2 were just *there* in my back yard with all these fans and record executives. I had to take a picture of this, so I ran inside my house and grabbed my sister's digital camera and ran back outside. There was still a crowd in the back yard, but U2 weren't there anymore. There were still all these record executives standing around. I tried to take a few pictures to confirm the camera was working, and it was. I then decided to see where U2 went, so I walked around to the front of the house to the front yard.

Walking around the side of the house to the front yard, I saw Bono coming out from the garage... dressed as Macphisto! I couldn't believe it. I was so excited, because I loved Macphisto, and never thought I'd get the chance to see Bono as Macphisto ever again. Since he was standing infront of my house, I snapped a candid picture to show friends that "Bono was at my house". How else would people believe me?

At the very same time, Edge was walking up to the house, and I ran up to him. I told him how much I loved him because he's the reason why I started to learn guitar. I asked him, "When you were 11, who was it that you admired? Because you're that person to me. I learned guitar when I was 11, because you really insired me!". He was really touched, and agreed to get our picture taken together. Magically, my sister just happened to be there and she took our picture. She handed me back the camera. I tried to see what the picture looked like, but the camera was broken! In fact, the picture never took at all! I ran inside the house and almost angry, asked my dad, "Is this Erin (my sister's) camera?! Because it's not working!" And he said, "No... that's not Erin's... that's a broken camera. I don't know where her camera is." So I ran all around the house trying to find a working camera. I eventually found a camera, but I didn't have enough time to test it out, so I ran back outside and started to take pictures of U2 standing around the front of my house, constantly checking the camera... but the pictures weren't taking. I gave up on the camera and started to think of other ways to prove to people that U2 were at my house.

And that's when I woke up.
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la-de-da by mysscryss


I missed the first Rolling Stone podcast -- I know you can listen to it as an mp3 now, but I would like to know how (if possible) I can get it in to itunes . . .

I just downloaded the second one, but I want the first one too!

any help?
zuko here, avatar - hello

and always wear a safety belt!

Hey guys- wasn't sure if anyone was really interested, but I wrote a review of the 20 October DC show for my school paper here in case anyone felt like reading it. If you do I'd love to hear any thoughts, criticisms, etc. :)

Sorry that it's kind of long, heh. Still, I don't think I could ever really put into words just how amazing that show was for me. Even though I was all the way in the 400 section.

And no one realized that I was dressed as Edge, except for this random guy from the ONE campaign who did a double take, and then did one of those "Yeaaah, I gotcha now" looks. This was even when I waited in the GA line with my friends for a few hours! Oh well. ^_^ Was anyone else there?
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