November 6th, 2005

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hey everyone. i was wondering if anyone attended the 2nd vegas concert last night. i've heard Brandon Flowers from the Killers came onstage and sang with Bono during In A Little While. and also, U2 the incorporated part of a Killers song into Mysterious Ways. did anyone happen to get pictures or video of this?
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Something told me to check on this

So yeah I was thinking I should check if U2 would be on tv this month anytime....So I checked and it turns out YES! Mark the day November 10th (Thursday) on MTV2

Thursday Nov 10th 1AM
Thursday Nov 10th 130PM
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U2 Vertigo DVD Special
I am going to record this

Song of the Day

I played my Discotheque single on the ipod the other day, and was very happy again. So I knew that my song of the day had to be

Holy Joe (Guilty Mix) from the 1997 Discotheque single.

For a very, very long time this was my favorite U2 song. Random, I know, but for some reason I loved this and couldn't quit singing it. Before I moved to college and everything went bottom-side-up in my room, I had a video of them doing the Popmart tour announcement in K-Mart, and performing this song. The interview was witty and cute, and the song was good too. I certainly understand why it didn't make the final cut of Pop (in most countries, at least!), but I still find it a very good song. The lyrics are, at times, a bit scattered but it oddly enough contains some of my favorite lines of all time, too. "Having the best time of anybody's life, closer than ever to everybody's wife..." This was one of my first impressions of U2, and it stuck.

I still love this song. Enjoy the Collapse )
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U2 dream

Since we've been on the subject of U2-related dreams, you might get a kick out of this one I had last night - I dreamt that Bono had a cameo in the latest Harry Potter film!  It wasn't entirely clear who or what he was supposed to be, but he was sitting on a rocky ledge eating pies, looking rather tramp-like in robes and possibly a pointed hat. He only had about one scene, giving some sort of directions or advice (maybe a warning) to the young heroes as they walked below him. He put on an eccentric accent for the part (kind of like in the dirty joke MP3 that bonoffee uploaded recently), but I thought his soft and slightly husky voice was perfect for the character; I also recall being impressed by his facial expressions. It turned out that Bono was a really good actor who could throw himself into the role completely - heh, as if we didn't know THAT already...! :D
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For those of you in the UK, Channel 4 is airing 'The Biggest Selling Artists Of The 21st Century' (or something along those lines - the title's too damn long for me to remember) right now. No doubt our boys will be in there somewhere, so, if like me, you'll watch a show for four hours in hope that you'll catch two minutes of U2, then you may want to tune in.

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Just bought my ticket for the Atlanta show on the 18th. Got it off of Ebay, which I have done before without problems. Still makes me nervous. It was a fan club ticket, so I now have one for both the 18th and 19th shows.

Anyone else going to these shows?

*shuffles feet*

So. Anyone here willing to make me a new U2 header? Pretty pretty please? I have a pic and I have the text and I like really, really simple stuff. So I'm not asking for much. But my PS skills are limited at best and I'd really love a new header. Any takers? You can reply here or email me at Leelee _ p [at]

And, so as to make this post a little less OT, I have a question. Word is the new leg of the tour should be announced soon. Is this leg supposed to be Japan/Australia, etc or other countries as well? Any more word on the stadium tour that was annouced?

Thanks everyone!
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