November 7th, 2005


just a thought..

Just know a band is doing something right when you hear them on the classic rock radio station and the new music radio station in the same day.

I heard New Years Day on 95.5 KLOS (classic rock) and then City of Blinding Lights on STAR 98.7 (new music) today. It made me happy. :)
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Puppy Johns

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I underestimated the temperature today when I left for school and dressed too warmly. So right before class I ran into the bookstore to buy a t-shirt to change into. Before I got on line, I was browsing the DVDs and came across Rattle and Hum - $9.99. Now I know I'm posting to a die-hard fan community, but should I go back for it? I really don't like impulse buying, especially being a poor college student, and I'm not a *huge* fan of the CD. But I would definitely buy if I knew it was worth every dollar and then some. Thanks for your help!

The boys come back to my home turf in 2 weeks!! I'm hoping I can get to MSG and at least wait outside in case they come out. Anybody else going?
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