November 10th, 2005

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Which Single?

What song from Zooropa do you wish would have been a single?

Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car
Some Days are Better than Others
Dirty Day
The Wanderer

AND there's also the option for "The First Time" which I didn't place in the poll. Let me know in the comments if you want to vote for it.

The winner for Achtung Baby was "Until the End of the World" with "Acrobat" biting at it's heels.
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This may already be known and probably is, but we just got Original Of The Species in here at the radio station, so it looks like that will be their next single off the album.

Giveaway to special Daniel Lanois performance tonight!

Tonight Spaceland is proud to have Daniel Lanois do an early performance at 9pm. If you missed him with Tortoise a couple of weeks ago, don't miss him again! Only $8!

And you can stay afterwards for Hell Ya! Night with Porterville, Tarzana, and Red Gun Radar.

Daniel Lanois
After going on to produce the likes of U2, Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan, Lanois has made an album that assimilates all of that experience, blending his peerless gift for evocative sonic texture with the soulful mysteries of blues, folk, country and gospel. Both timeless and futuristic, [i]Belladonna[/i] reasserts Daniel Lanois' rightful crown as king of musical inner space.

Buy tickets.

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I love when U2 pops up when I least expect them to.

My car has been acting weird, so I go out to start it up and run it a bit to see if it stalls again. I look down and realize that someone has been messing with my radio presets (again). I go fix it, and tune to the classic rock station, 97.5 the Hawk and lo and behold a U2 Triple Shot. Where they play three songs in a row. I was so happy, so I rocked out for a few minutes.

They played With or Without You, Sunday Bloody Sunday and a live version of Bad (Couldn't tell you when or where it was from. I know it didn't sound like it was from Wide Awake in America. Just sounded different I dunno...) It was awesome :)
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Call me crazy, but when I step outside, I can feel The Edge's prescence in my city. The lights are shining brighter, the smog smells a little sweeter, and the traffic is 20 times more bearable.
Now that that's off my chest, I have some serious (ha!) questions to ask.

1. For those of you that met the band outside the venue, where is the place to be? I've guessed and had slightly confirmed that it's around the loading docks. And the times vary from 1-4 pm. It's okay, I'm gonna be there from 12:30 pm until 12:30 am. ;)

2. This one is slightly more personal. How jovial is Bono lately? Is his sense of humor kind short tempered or can he accept other people poking fun at him? I know he makes fun of himself. Collapse )
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Twitchy Winky

My Dad is Fantastic

Last night around 10:15ish my dad yells at me to come into his room. I think i'm in trouble cuz i'm moving stuff around and dropping it and making loud noises. Instead walking to his room i see...Bono on the screen. It turns out to be the U2 concert DVD promo thing on MTV2. So we watch Original Of the Speacies and City of Blinding Lights together. It was pretty sweet of him to call me, let me know it was on, let me watch it, and watch it with him.
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If you post here with an opinion be prepared to deal with others opinions, opinions that may be different than your own. If you become an intolerable bitch about opinions that are not shared with you, you know, tossing the "freedom of speech!!!! freedom of speech!!!! don't post here if you don't share my opinion!!!!" bullshit and call people names, yes the thread will be deleted. If you cause any more problems you will be banned.