November 11th, 2005

[conan] - HP

Missing Pop Single

What song from Pop do you wish would have been a single?

Do You Feel Loved?
The Playboy Mansion
If You Wear That Velvet Dress
Wake Up Dead Man

Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car was your choice from Zooropa.
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umm yeah.

so, this is one of the only place i could think of to post this. does anyone at all have one spare cleveland ticket (i doubt it but still) the mum said she'd get me a flight out there if i could find a face value ticket. so..if you happen to have one, or no someone who has one, if you could please let me know. just one lone ticket. i don't care where. in the parking lot for all i care if it means i can go.
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OTP - U2
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U2 - dvd

Finally the new U2 dvd is in my hands!
Okay in my friends hands as the 2 disc is coming out next tuesday and I am waiting for that one.
But still the concert is great and sweet and just blows your mind. And an absolute must have for the u2 fans esp. if you have been to the vertigo tour. For me personally it was an trip down memory lane.

So if you all excuse me I will busy the next few hours watching the boys. Just wanted to jump in and say that it is absolutely worth getting.
And if you live in holland you get the dvd with the whole yorin documentary for free *squee*
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