November 13th, 2005

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Missing HTDAAB Single

What song from HTDAAB do you wish would have been a single?

Miracle Drug
Love and Peace or Else
Man and a Woman
Crumbs from your Table
One Step Closer
Fast Cars

The overwhelming winner for ATYCLB was "Kite."

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some time ago someone posted a pic of Bono, Ali and their two daughters walking along a sidewalk. Does anyone have that pic or know where I can find it? I forgot to save it.
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I'm probably taking a less-than-U2-knowledgeble friend to the second ATL show Saturday (squee!!), and I'd really like to have a boot of the first show to play for her on the ride over. But would the next day be too soon? I know there'll be set lists and I could put together a studio mix.

Also, what's parking like near Phillips? I've never been to the arena before-pretty much every other concert-y place in Atlanta, though! Is anyone taking MARTA? What line? I'm coming from Woodstock/Cherokee County, about 45 min to the northeast. There's a MARTA station about twenty minutes away by Northpoint Mall, but I know next to nothing about times, what route, etc.

I hope everyone has fun at their shows!!
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Just a quick question--

In the U.S., does the DVD come out on the 14th or the 15th?

One of my newsletters said that in the U.S. it comes out on the 15th, but on the website it just says it's coming out on the 14th.

Agh. I should just move to Europe already. Haha.
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bill cosby

u2 class...

Checked the memories and did not see this. I remember awhile back someone posted about a college offering classes which studied U2 lyrics/songs and yeah, you get the point. Does anyone remember what school this was? I have a project due at the end of the semester and I'd love to base it on that course. Thanks

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Oh my. I am behind. I'm bad. The end of the semester is approaching, and I've been unintentionally slacking on the Song of the Day. Thankfully I remembered it before midnight my time, so here it is. Since this week I am going back to the Vertigo tour (woo!) I thought I'd select one song I'm absolutely looking forward to hearing, and one that I am hoping against hope for. So today's selection is Collapse )
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