November 15th, 2005

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11/18 Ticket for Sale!

I have a ticket for the 11/18 Atlanta show on sale at eBay. I'm asking for $105 plus shipping, which includes both the concert ticket and a Philips Arena parking pass. That's one concert ticket at face value (with Ticketmaster fees), and the parking pass is free. If you're interested, please check out the auction page here.

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Note: Because of the 2-3 day wait to confirm my bank account for PayPal, my best friend, who lives in Ohio, is running the auction for me. When the auction ends and she receives your payment, she'll notify me, and I'll ship the ticket and the parking pass overnight with USPS Express Mail. You'll need to send your payment quickly, however, or I won't be able to ship the ticket and the pass in time for them to arrive by Friday.

Edit: Auction closed! Ticket purchased and shipped!
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I met Bono and The Edge yesterday in a total OMG moment.

The official story from
angelqn622 and I were outside the loading docks since about 2 pm and Bono and Edge arrived at around 4:15. Bono films us as he pulls up and continues to film the crowd. I ran over to where Edge and Bono were and Bono kept telling the crowd to hush. Finally he said: I'm making a film on "A Day in the Life of The Edge." What do you think of him?
Then Bono kept walking around filming and Edge got on a blowhorn.
Edge: Yes. Yes. Bono is here.
Everybody! "Where the Streets Have No Naaaaaaaaame, Where the Streets Have No Naaaaaaaaame, Where the Streets Have No Naaaaaaaaame, Where the Streets Have No Naaaaaaaaame!"
Edge made us chant WTSHNN again and then left. He was the only one to shake hands cause Bono was holding the camera. Bono went down away from us (where I had been standing before) and was talking to some people. Then he came back on a golf cart and took some pictures with his police escorts. I told him to PLAY MOFO (the only words I could utter) and he waved goodbye.
Bono filmed me like three times. I may just die.
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Aside from that the concert was fantastic. I had really really really bad nosebleed seats. I was about 10 rows away from the wall. But it was a cool experience to see the entire arena. I'm usually much closer. Oh well. Collapse )
Hee, look for me at!
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Vertigo - Live from Chicago DVD

I bought it already
I'll buy it today
I'll buy it this week
I'll buy it eventually
I may or may not buy it
I'm not going to buy it

Vertigo - Live from Chicago DVD

Regular Edition
Deluxe Edition
I'm not sure yet
I told you, I'm not buying it!

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Questions for you lovely people.....

So I am going to my very first U2 concert tomorrow ngiht and I have some ? 's

1. I plan on getting there 9:30ish.
(think this is too early?)
will there be people already there?

2. what time does the band usually arrive at the venue and
where is a good place to stand to get autogrpahs?
have they been signing things lately?

3. what are good things to get signed by the band?

4.and lastly
anyone else going to the Tampa show?!?!?!?!
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heart resubbing

This was in my inbox just now.

Emphasis on the last paragraph is mine.

Renewal Package - 20% off the annual subscription fee plus an

EXCLUSIVE Audio and CD Rom 'U2.Communication'

Dear Eilis,

It is now 12 months since we launched the current version of

12 months that have seen U2 release "How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb"
and set out on the Vertigo//2005 tour; 12
months in which subscribers have been kept up to date with all things
U2 including exclusive information and unique access.

As your current subscription will soon expire we would like
to introduce our inaugural Re-subscription Package.

All current subscribers will be able to renew their subscriptions
for a further 12 months at a 20% discount on the standard cost of $40.
In addition, all members who renew their subscriptions will
also receive an exclusive CD/CD-ROM double disc set, "U2 Communication".

This package, which will not be available at retail, contains an 8-track
CD featuring songs recorded live during the Vertigo Tour; and a CD-ROM
containing an interactive audio player, an exclusive live video clip from
U2's Vertigo 2005 show at Milan's San Siro stadium, as well as wallpapers
and U2 screen savers using the show's amazing imagery.

As a paid up member of you will continue to receive a 25%
discount on your first purchase at the store and access
to the subscribers site, which features up to the minute stories, interviews
and videos. We will continue to give subscribers exclusive
access to full-length audio and video streams of new U2 songs and performances.
Subscribers can keep in touch with other fans via their own
address and access to the Zootopia boards and regular subscriber

There will not be any ticket guarantees as part of the re-subscription

As we have stated before, the ticket pre sale for Vertigo
2005 was not what we wanted it to be, and once again we can only apologise
for the inconvenience and distress that we know this caused. We continue
to look for fair ways in which we can distribute tickets to our fans on
future tours but any solution will not be tied to this re-subscription.

So...looks like, at least for now, folks south of the equator and in Japan and Mexico are hosed for the fourth leg. :\
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any easter eggs yet?

after the fun with Elevation (my bad, lack of sleep and excitement!)... loved to see if anyone cracked Vertigo's yet...

and brilliant DVD... so clear... so nice... i teared up when i heard it for the first time... it's only been a week since the first Oakland show and it feels like i was just there...

love to all!
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Okay here's my latest batch of icons. Bases by colorfilter except MacPhisto. Thanks to sapphires13 for help on Bono #1.

Comment if taking
Save to your own computer / server
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Please don't change them. I'll fix whatever is wrong

5 Adam
5 Ali (yes Ali, Bono's wife)
6 Bono
5 Edge
5 Larry

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