November 16th, 2005

Steve Zissu

Looking for a GA for Montreal (26th / 28th Nov)

Hey guys, I'm looking for a GA ticket for the show on the 26th or 28th. I've got a seated ticket behind the stage in the reds, a bit far back though. Anyway if any Montreal fans have any extra tickets by chance I'd love to buy a few from you for my 2 friends and myself. mikethehockeyfan at yahoo dot com
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Some observations about the Vertigo DVD:

* Well, even Hamish at his camera-switching worst couldn't make this video as hard to watch as Boston...there's even some shots where the camera stays one one band member for two, maybe even three seconds. It's not Rattle And Hum, but for Hamish, it's a big step. (Although "Bullet" is almost unwatchable due to "Hamish-itis")
* Maybe only the DVD tech nerds will notice this one, but does anyone else think this video is extremely pixilated compared to Boston and Slane?
* They played "Vertigo" twice on May 10th, and still ended up using the May 9th version for the DVD. No idea why, since the May 10th encore version was probably the best I've ever heard.
* The rich people in the lower level seats a) have no rhythm, b) have no idea what to do during the songs they don't know (i.e. "An Cat Dubh"). It's kind of funny.
* Edge on "Electric Co" is just brilliant...I know the band wants to move forward, but it kinda makes you wonder what even a one-off set of Boy and October era stuff would be like if they played it now. However...
* ...Could anyone else use a little more Edge in the mix?
* Interestingly, while the May 10th "Elevation" was the one shown on TV back in June, they used the May 9th version where Bono has throat problems during the middle section. I'm still not sure why this is. (other than maybe to show their human side? *shrug*)
* Don't you think the kid he pulls up during "Into The Heart" could be Harry Potter if they put a flashback scene into one of the later movies? (incidentally, anyone else wondering why they didn't use the girl from the May 9th show? She was way into it...the kid on the DVD seems to have no idea what's going on)
* Once again, the awesomeness of the blinding light flash on "Streets" (even if it's at the end of the song this time) is not captured on video at all. That's the time for the big audience panning shot, not another closeup of Bono. (although compensation points for the great shots of Bono and Adam at the end of the song)
* The audience is more into it than the Boston show, but they're disappointingly low in the audio mix. When they did "Vertigo," you could hear 20,000 people yell back "Hola," but there's virtually no audience in the audio mix at all, which detracts a bit from the show's loudest moments of audio singalongs. It's a tough balance because you don't want so much audience that it drowns out the band, but it takes away from the atmosphere a bit, IMO.
* Best "wha?" moment: After the last chorus of Zoo Station, you hear Bono sing something over the outro riff, yet he's holding the microphone at his side. At least at that point in the video, the audio is from May 10th and they used video from the 9th. Tsk tsk...
* Footage of Bono during "An Cat Dubh" is not something I would ever show to non-fans. But at least us fans can get a few laughs out of it.
* I love Gavin Friday's music (seriously, buy his albums, if you can find one), but he is a very weird individual on camera.
* The edit between "Yahweh" and "40"...awkward.
* For anyone keeping track, as far as I can tell, "Vertigo," "Elevation," "Beautiful Day," "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own," "Bullet The Blue Sky," "Yahweh," and "40" are all from May 9th. The "Miracle Drug" speech is from the 9th but the actual song is from the 10th.

So the verdict? It's good, better than Boston, but I still don't feel like it truly represents the experience we had at those shows. Obviously it's impossible to fully recreate the feeling of U2 live, but I thought the Sydney and Mexico City videos seemed to have a bit more atmosphere to them. Just a personal opinion though. It might just be the U.S. audiences...we were nuts on the rail outside the ellipse, but it doesn't carry through the arena...there seems to be a lot of apathy in U.S. crowds at times, which is possibly why so many U.S. bands like Green Day and Bon Jovi still film their live DVD's in Europe. Still, I have a feeling that we'll see the Milan Vertigo DVD in the next year or two, so then we'll be able to pick and choose. :)
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