November 17th, 2005

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Man, this rides the edge of being off topic, but I've been addicted lately to a PS2 game called "Guitar Hero". It...well, it's let you play a guitar to actual songs. A bit hard to describe if you aren't familiar with these types of games. Anyway, this game has a song list that is 47 songs long - not a single one being a U2 song, but man, after I play it for a few hours and then listen to some Edge....well, there's talk of a sequel, and the developers mentioned that they wanted a ton of songs, but just didn't have the time to get the rights and all the other legal stuff they needed. They are hoping it'll be easier if this game sells well to get more songs on the sequel. So, I was wondering - if you could pick only 1 single U2 song to be featured in a game where you basically play as Edge...what song would it be?
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11/18 Ticket Auction: Last Chance!

Just a quick reminder that I'm selling a ticket on eBay for the Friday concert in Atlanta. For shipping reasons, the auction will be ending sooner than scheduled, so bid quickly. Please see my earlier entry for more details about the auction. Important: I am accepting offers below my $105 asking price.

(I'm sorry for posting about this twice, but it's important that I sell the ticket. I need money more than I need a souvenir, and from a fan's perspective, it'd be a shame to waste the seat.)

Edit: Ticket sold! Hooray!
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Hello friends... I have a question for someone who knows better. I am supposed to sing Pride tonight in a concert but I'm still not quite sure how the lyrics really go after the 2nd chorus. There's nobody like you?? Am I deaf? Sounds more like starlight or something to me.
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Hey there-

Does anybody have a transcript, or even a really good memory, of anything Bono has said about the ONE campaign during the Vertigo tour? I'm using it for my international communications paper. I feel like it's been posted here before, but given the fact that this tour has been going on for nearly 8 months, I don't even know where to begin to look! Thanks!
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Original Of The Species (Single Version)

I uploaded this for anyone who hasn't heard it yet:

U2 - Original Of The Species (Single Version)

It's been uploaded with MU, because I have had no luck with YSI at all (for a while, actually - anyone else got the same problem?).

As ever, i'd love to hear what everyone who has heard it thinks of it. I was expecting a bit more from it, but it's still very nice - I don't think it's better than tha album version, though.

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I'll be leaving tonight for the GA line in atlanta!! Hope to see some of you there. I'll be wearing glasses and an Elevation tour t-shirt. I pray to god i can find a way to go to the second show, but my dad calling the "we cant afford it" line. Hopefully il be able to sell my tix and get in. Where have the 8 months of waiting gone? so excited
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As a U2 fan, I could not pass up this quiz to tell me who I am most like in the band!

You're Bono! Bono is the sunglass-wielding lead
singer of U2. He has a soft spot for every
charity under the sun and an obsession for
black leather and big boots. But remember:
he's vertically challenged, not short!

Which Member of U2 Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

The results: Interesting in so many ways...
Just for fun, who does it say that you are when you take this quiz?
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