November 19th, 2005


Rolling Stone Podcast part IV

Part IV of Rolling Stone's interview with Bono is on iTunes today. It's supposed to be about Dylan, Springsteen and the Stones, however I'm having some difficulty uploading it at the moment (I'll try again later). It's about 26 minutes long.
Bono Spirit

U2 on 60 Minutes

U2 will be featured on 60 minutes (on CBS) this Sunday (the 20th) at 7 PM EST.

It appears the program will specifically focus on Bono's reaching out to right wing Christians for help in getting AIDS drugs to Africa. Though, according to the accompanying article, interviews with the other band members are to be featured as well.

Article can be found here:
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GA....didn't feel claustrophobic at all

Thanks to all who answered my questions about General Admission a few weeks back. The show in Tampa was beautiful...I was only 3 people back from the outer ellipse. People didn't push or shove, even when Bono and the boys walked by. U2 fans are the best.

I put a review on I am the first to post about the Tampa show. Go check it out!

(BTW: Got to see The Institute in Jacksonville the next night....Gavin and his band rocked the house, and I got to meet him...very sweet, very hot, lol)

Me and Gavin:
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U2 on German tv

I'm not sure if anyone has posted this already -- if so, I'm sorry.

There will be a special on German tv channel ZDF tonight (00:20 o'clock, "ZDF in concert") about the Vertigo 2005 tour.
They will show 4 or 5 live songs from the Chicago dvd as well as a 10 minutes interview with Bono and Larry that was recorded after the AufSchalke concert.
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