November 20th, 2005


my review of Altanta, 11-18-05

wow. what do you say for a show that defied expectations? This was my first show this tour, but i've been collecting bootlegs all along so i felt i had been to at least 20. I was right on the right side of the ellipse on the rail. Bono came out just almost right in front of me. The show really surprised me with End of the world and the Fly. I got in line at 3 A.M. and was number 24 in line. Bono of course nailed the aria during Miss Sarajevo flawlessly, i dont know how he does it.

The band seemed really impressed with the crowd, they were all smiles, especially Adam. I got the pleasuer of nabbing one of the drumsticks after Love and Peace or Else, i also took some confetti from COBL.

I met great, great people in line. Shout out to Michael from Tennesee, we had a great conversation. I'll assume you'll read this, i hope you had an amazing night, as i lost track of you as i went inside. Such an incredible night, so surreal. Listening to some of these songs at the show, i just stopped singing and took it all in, rembering myself singing this song in my room or in my car and now barely believing my eyes at Adam Clayton reads my sign and smiles at me during Streets. Adam was also right in front of me during Yahweh. What a great night.

If i ever get to tell Bono/U2 anything, it would simply be, "thank you". see you in Charlotte!!

thank you.

i'll post pictures later.
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Altanta 2 (11/19) thoughts

Oh wow. I I was in seats, almost behind the stage but not quite. On the corner as much as one can be in Phillips Arena! But our view was never obstructed and the screens were nice, too. Big, gigantic screens!

This is one of the moments that will forever be engrained in my memory-Bono's pronunciation of Piedmont Park! A park in Altanta, obviously, and I think he was commenting on its beauty. I can't begin to mimic his pronunciation, but oh my goodness. It was really, really funny. And the whole "Happy birthday to Ted Turner" thing. That was not the most serious moment of the show! :)

I was really, really impressed with Pride (In the Name of Love). The song is nice, but I never thought that much of it but last night it was amazing, it really rocked. The whole night did. We left right before "Bad" ended, and walking out hearing Bono still singing "I'm wide awake," was just exaulting.

Here's the setlist from

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I assume that the One/MLK meledy was unique to Atlanta-was it done at the 18th show? That's one thing that I really enjoyed about last night. The band knew they were in Atlanta, and they let the crowd know that. "And with the King family in the house," the Ted Turner thing, "You may have CNN, but we had ZooTV!" The CNN Center is right across the street from the arena, too, in a "You cannot, cannot miss it!" way.

One last thing-setlist from the 18th? I'd like to compare.
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"sometimes you can't make it on your own"

Assuming that everyone has seen this music video, (I have it in case you haven't), I was just curious if anyone knew where or who makes the sweater that Bono is wearing for most of the video?
It has angel wings on the back.
Just curious.
And I'm new to the community. :)
If there's some sort of survey I should fill out, let me know! :)
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I was in Atlanta for both shows. Outside the ellipse on Adam's side on the rail for the 18th and front and fucking center of the stage for the 19th.

If you were there and in the GA line, you probably saw me. Big guy, long, long hair, leather biker jacket and a PSP at times....anyway, the pictures will be up soon.

Being so close on the 19th, I was able to grab a set list sheet....pic of that will be forthcoming as well.

2 great shows from 1 amazing band. Be back with more later.
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I own the special edition vertigo: live from chicago and finally got around to watching the special features disc today. I loved the alternative "somtimes you can't make it on your own" video. Very raw. I also loved the documentary. When i saw the guy propose to his girlfriend it made tear up and think: "What an amazing man." awww...i love it!

For those who have seen it, what are your thoughts?
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I went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum recently. While the Tommy exhibit was incredible, I am so angry that I missed the U2 exhibit. SO angry...

Anyways, you are only allowed to take pictures in the lobby. To my luck, hanging right above the ticket counter was a number of Trabants and the ZOOTV sign! so heres the 2 pictures I took:

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Not sure if this has been posted earlier, but if not, just thought I'd give everyone a heads up that U2 will be on 60 Minutes tonight, after the football game. Not sure what order in the program they are yet (edit: 3rd story - so around 8:25 or so).
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Heya U2ians...

I know it's late in the day to be mentioning this...but all you Aussies should check out your local News Limited newspaper today (The Herald Sun in Melbourne...check the "ie" section) for a 2 page article on U2 and their pending Australian visit, which is now FINALLY OFFICIALLY confirmed and set (F YEAH!).

Here's the link to the abbreviated online version of the article -,5478,17301267%255E2902,00.html