November 22nd, 2005

Bono Wants His Music to Last

I think that U2 has music that can easily last for 100 years!

Some of the many reasons:
* Different songs that touch every emotion and feeling that is possible.
* Sounds that have evolved and continue to get better as they continue to mature.
* Songs that have so many different themes and messages that are relevant.
* The span of ages - started as teens and are still rocking years later.
* Lyrics that means something back then, now, and will continue into the future.

...and so much more!

So, Bono (and Adam, Larry, the Edge), if you read this, I have full faith that your music will last at least 100 years! How else can you explain getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame while at the top of your game? You guys are so good and to be together for over 25 years is so awesome, especially in this day and age. I mean look how few marriages (that only have to have 2 people to get along) last 25 years these days. All I ask is that you: "Keep it up!"

Bottom Line: I will never forget what you have done for me, and I will continue to share my love for your music with everyone I know... (Which is doing my part to make it last for the next 100 years!)
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random things you hear when you're a U2 fan

with an ultra-acute ear for pop music:

Edit: I take it back, partly--this first one isn't as dead on a match as I first thought.  It's only kinda cool, like a similar key change.

Got a way to play two songs at once?  Try it with "Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your Own" (How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb) and "Mothers of the Disappeared" (Joshua Tree).  Sync 'em up so they both hit the key change at the beginning of the chorus (at 1:00 on "Sometimes" and at 2:05 on "Mothers") at the same time.  They're the same musical idea in the same key, reworked by the same band nearly twenty years apart.  The rest of the chorus on "Sometimes" ("And it's you when I look in the mirror") plays like an almost spiritual upgrade on "Mothers," with more hope written into the music and the lyrics.  A cool glimpse into U2's musical evolution.

Edit: but this second one is solid.

Want to hear a very bald example of sampling?  Play Craig David's "I'm Walking Away" before or after U2's "One."  The entire song is Edge's guitar riff from the opening bars.  Same key, same tempo.
Yay!  My first post in this community!  Hope you all like it.

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Pics from the 80s

Good *checks time* morning. I feel horrible today, I am extremely tired (the kind of tired where you start to hallucinate a little) so to cheer myself up in the middle of an essay I am posting some pics for you to look at because they are cute and I love Adam. His hair and trousers RULE.

Sticking it behind a cut, don't worry! They're from 1983, a week after I was born to be precise. Talk about bad timing.

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Need tickets for Portland

I tried to get tix for Portland from ETS but they don't have any left. I need three tix - pretty much don't care where they are (well, ok, we don't want across the arena, we'd rather sit behind the stage so we can see everything). I've looked on ebay and stubhub and a couple of the trading sites, but have come up with nothing that we like or can afford. I'm willing to buy 4 and I'll resell the 4th one...

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Future spouse and U2?

This is just a random thought I found amusing...

I lead a girls Bible study at my college and we've been discussing what we want our future husbands to be. I had my girls make a list of characteristics they are looking for.

They all laughed at me because one of mine is "Must like U2". Haha. But seriously, they are such a part of who I am, my spirituality, etc., (I have always said if someone could put my soul into song its U2), so I believe its essential my future husband at least be able to tolerate them. It would be even better if he loved them like I do.

Anyone else agree with me here? :)
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Help me with my talk about Bono, please!

Hello mateys!

I'm not sure to post it here, because this is also my first post here, so tell me if I'm wrong...

I need to give a talk for dutch or english class. I want to give a talk about Bono. Not about the U2 music, but about the work Bono does for the world. IT's still months away, so I still have time, but becuase I have more upcomming projects, I already start now with writing it.

What I need are artikels, essays, movie clips, pictures, and explanation about Bono for what he does for the world.

Keys of the things I want in it: Live aid, Band aid (upcomming xmas), Bush, Bloody sunday, Human rights, Africa, Aids, Biografy, Bob Geldof (???), One Campaign, and just stuff that has to do with Bono...

Can someone please help me, because I really don't know where I should seek!

Very much thanks,
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Back from NYC!

Hi everyone! I am back from my wonderful and amazing trip to the big apple! I had one of the best times of my life! U2 was amazing! My first u2 show ever!
Cried 5 times! More on that later. Great show!
U2 Album Montage

U2 Claims!

Is there a U2 Claims community somewhere?

EDIT: Okay so there's been a positive response so far. I'll create the community if somebody wants to help me maintain it. (Moderating a claiming community can be a full-time gig!)

But first I want some ideas. What should it be called? How many claims does each person get? Over what period of time? And if somebody claims a song, can somebody else claim a lyric? If a band member is claimed, can people then start claiming body parts? (Yes ladies, I know what you're thinking.) :P

The only rule I definitely want to implement is that nobody is allowed to claim the entire band.... because we all must be able to share! As far as everything else is concerned though, I think anything and everything having to do with U2 should be up for grabs.

If we can reach a consensus, I'll start the community this week.
celtic hearts

Two Things.

1. In the newest issue of Rolling Stone with Madonna on the cover, the feedback for the issue with Bono was all positive, I was kind of suprised about that, but I thought it was cool. I've even got my punk rock boyfriend-type-guy to read it and he admitted he thinks Bono's a good activist, although he still hates U2. ha.

2. I was listening to the "Dancing Barefoot" and I came across a lyric that I wanted your opinion on.
The lyrics says:
She is sublimation
She is the essence of thee
She is concentrating on
He who is chosen by she

I'm wondering if the meant to use sublimation as a derivative of "sublime" sinc the only definitions I know of are:
1 : the act, process, or an instance of subliming a chemical
2 : the process of converting and expressing a primitive instinctual desire or impulse to a form that is socially or culturally acceptable

I guess the second definiton works, but I'm not sure that's what they were going for.