November 23rd, 2005


Question about Ticket Agency

Hi everyone,
Sorry about my poll results posting last week. But now I have a question about a ticket agency I found online. Has anyone used I’m thinking of using them to get tickets for a show. They seem fairly reasonable. I was wondering if people had luck with them.
Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it!
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paul weller / noel gallagher

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As a somewhat newcoming fan to U2 (STUPID, I know =[) I was wondering... How long is this tour lasting? And what's their next project? Any details on that would help me out a lot. Thanks in advance!
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SooHyun [UKISS]


A few things, I just want to apologize for any hard feelings from my last post about the tour dates that was delete. No offense meant or anything

Secondly I started a community u2claims Someone posted about no claim community and I was bored last night, so yeah.

Lastly, someone posted an image (I think it was in a personal journal but it was from someone here) that was for a t-shirt, it was South Park U2, all four of the guys with a red bullseye in the background, anyway I meant to save that to show a friend of mine (he's one of the obsessed SP peeps, but he kinda likes U2 so yeah) Anyway if someone can point me in the direction it was in that'd be great.


Happy Thanksgiving!! to those who celebrate it tomorrow!
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Bono Writhing

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I have newfound and majorly massive respect for Morleigh.

Okay, so my brother and mom and I were flipping through the Best of 1990-2000 DVD (taking turns picking which videos to watch). And then my brother had to go home, and mom was like "One more video, because the news is about to start", and my nephew Jeremy (who's 4) was getting fussy. So I decide to put it on Mysterious Ways thinking I could get him to dance with me.

Maybe I'm just out of shape. But I was pretty tired by the time the video was over. But I insisted on dancing through the whole thing. Through most of it I imitated the girl in the video (who is not Morleigh) but some of the time I mocked Bono's little moves =P and I also stole some of Morleigh's moves from the ZooTV video.

It was hecka fun though. I was laughing, smiling, and singing along loudly the whole time. My nephew was jumping up and down and wiggling around with his arms above his head (both because he was imitating me, and because I kept going "Put your arms up, Jeremy!") and he was laughing, and kind of cooing along with the song too. I did some random sign language along with the lyrics at some point (it's just something I tend to do) and it was really cute watching my nephew watch me and then repeat the same signs.

So yea, I got worn out dancing to Mysterious Ways with a four year old. And Morleigh did this on stage with Bono, night after night. She gets lots of respect from me =D
But, you know, I was wearing my baggy ZooTV shirt, jeans, and socks, but I think next time, just for the sake of it, I'm gonna put on this particular skirt I have (it's long and kinda assymetrical with a slit up one leg.. I suck at describing) and some kind of tank top or something.

This could be like, a regular event, I can throw on my skirt, play Mysterious Ways (and Salome too!) and dance until I drop. Excercise made fun!
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