November 26th, 2005

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This is my review of Nov 21- 2005 Monday at MSG.... Note i am misssing a pic of the outside of the garden. This is just my review on the show. the journal about my full trip will be on my LJ soon. with over 100 pics. Some of the U2 pics are NOT MINE. I took only 3. Since it was my first ever U2 show I just wanted to enjoy it for my first time. I let MSG do all the work for the pics.
but anyway here it is My first ever U2 show

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Sorry to be random but...

Dear Larry,

Please cut your hair. We love you for who you are, but the hair is

The U2 Fans (or maybe it's just me that feels this way so Megan)
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Bono in Toronto

Bono can say some really powerful things sometimes. Here's something before playing Miss Sarajevo in Toronto, 9/14/05.
"We grew up in a country that got used to terrorism, though we lived 100 miles down the road from the real hot spots. Still, in Dublin, there were car bombings, assassinations and ugly stuff.

Seems like everyone, every city where you come to now, people are growing up with terrorism, getting used to terrorism.

You should never get used to people who value ideas above other people. That's what they're about. They put ideas before people.

If there's any one thing our band stands for, and I'm not sure there's any one thing, it's got to be the idea that people are more valuable than ideas.

And that equality is something that you have to fight for every day, whether it's Mozambique, New Orleans, Toronto, or Sarajevo, where we wrote this tune."
superman; galloway

U2: Ottawa, November 25, 2005

Kelly and I arrived at the Corel Centre shortly before seven. We made a mad dash for the merchandise booth after getting our tickets scanned in. I spent for too much money at the booth, but it was completely worth it. I picked up a Vertigo Tour t-shirt, the Tour Book, a tour poster that I intend on having dry-mounted, as well as a couple pins to put on my favorite hat.

We got to our seats (sadly, Kelly and I weren’t sitting together), to watch the opening act, The Arcade Fire. Since we got our tickets on ebay, we were both in the three hundred level, behind the stage. The view was absolutely incredible though. In particular, I was looking diagonally down onto the stage, and with the open concept stage was able to see everything. I would honestly have to say that my third level seats were better than the seats facing the stage. I might not have seen the band’s faces the majority of the time, but I certainly saw them more clearly than most.

I must say that I was quite impressed by The Arcade Fire’s set. A seven (or eight) piece band with quite an eclectic sound. They were on for about forty five minutes or so, then came the intermission. Kelly called me during that to say that there was an empty seat beside her. I raced over and sat down with her for about half an hour until the real owner of my seat showed up. I jokingly told him and his companion that I was ‘keeping the seat warm, and to enjoy the show’, which they took good naturedly. I made my way back to my original seat to find that the one beside me was still empty. I leaned over to the couple on the other side of the empty seat and asked if it had been claimed yet. They said that they had actually bought that seat, but the person wasn’t attending. I asked them ever so nicely if they wouldn’t mind if my friend took it, to which they said no problem. I literally flew back to Kelly’s section and dragged her over to mine, in just enough time for the lights to go down and the "Everyone Intro" to begin.
Before I go any further, here was the set list for the evening:

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Some general thoughts about the set list: I was expecting more. I am by no means disappointed, but I honestly expected to hear songs like "Miracle Drug", "The Fly" and even to a certain extent "All Because of You", but with the ever rotating set list this tour, I am not really surprised that some songs were missing. The "Vertigo" count was done in French instead of the usual Spanish. "Elevation" featured the fans doing the 'woo-hoos' at the beginning. The Ottawa fans were so worked up, that we actually just kept doing them, totally screwing up Bono’s timing for the first verse. "I Will Follow" was the single track to represent the Boy album, but definitely a song that kept the fans out of their seats. I absolutely died hearing "Original of the Species". I nearly wept during "Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own". The "Bullet the Blue Sky" medley was amazing, and for those PopTarts!, the 'please get up off your knees' line from "Please" was used. So unexpected. "One" ended the main set with Bono’s usual speech for support of Africa.

The first encore started with the ZooTV with "Until the End of the World" which was also unexpected, and was followed by "Mysterious Ways", which Kelly was pleasantly surprised by. "With or Without You", a song that I normally dislike as a piece of over hyped rock ballad was incredible live. Incredible.

The second encore began with "Stuck in a Moment", though done quite well acoustically, is still a song that I never liked. I never in a million years expected to hear "Original of the Species" and "Yahweh" played in the same show, and to have the opportunity to hear both completely overloaded my senses. As "40" started, I made my way for the exits, hoping to beat the rush, but you could hear reverberation the band and the fans singing all over the Corel Centre.

Overall, an evening that I will never forget. I was incredibly fortunate to get the opportunity to see my favorite band live during this tour. I almost did not make it, which made last night all that much more special to me. I am not counting on ever seeing them live again, though I do hope that I will again. Even if I do not have the opportunity again, I can honestly say I saw one of rock’s greatest bands during their greatest tour (to date).

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So for anyone at the Ottawa show last night, what everyone really wants to know is...

What did they use for intro music since "Wake Up" had (presumably, since it's a big song for them) already been played live by the Arcade Fire? This is something a few of us have been pondering since they announced Arcade Fire had been announced as an opener.
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My Atlanta 11/18/05 pics

I've seen a few pics for the Atlanta 1 show being posted, so i thought i'd share some of my own (i've just had to opportunity to upload them now). I can't share all 50 shots, however, being that my photobucket is password protected for personal reasons, but there were only a few shots that really came out anyway. Almost all of them were blurry, despite my efforts. But there's a few decent shots, so i can't complain. I was just left of the "tip" of the ellipse, and about five people back from the rail. Here 'tis...

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I hope you all enjoy them. Not that i'm much of a photographer, but please don't post elsewhere without permission, yadda-yadda. Copyright 2005 Patrick Ashe.
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hello, everyone!

now that it's Christmastime, i want to put "Baby (Please Come Home)" on Yousendit or some other uploading site and link to it in my AIM away message for others to view. i know the video is on the Yahoo! music site, but i don't think you can link directly to the video. does anybody have the video so i can download it directly onto my computer?

i'm much obliged!
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Does anyone have any large versions of The Edge's postcards to Q Magazine stored on their computer? I've tried looking around, and I found one copy... but I know he did a whole series, and I was interested in reading them. Thank you!