November 28th, 2005


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Question: I see the boys in 12 days. I've seen them many times but I've never been lucky enough to catch them before or after the show for an autograph.

Does anybody know about what time they are "caught" going in and/or out of the concert venue??? Are people getting autographs this tour??

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Vertigo 06 presale - confused!

Hi everyone.

So, I just got this email from


Dear Samantha

As you know, U2 are taking the Vertigo Tour into 2006 and dates have already been announced for Australia and New Zealand. Further dates in Mexico, South America and Japan will be announced soon.
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Anyway, the reason I'm posting is that, uh, I actually DID use my presale code successfully last time round. Is there a blip in the system, or has everyone else got one regardless? I'd log on to Zootopia @ but my work computer is being a PITA at the moment.

Just saying, if they've accidentally sent me a new code, I don't have much use for it unless they plan to come back to Europe, so I'd like to pass it on to someone who would like it.

Thanks in advance :)

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Are we allowed to give away our pre-sale codes? There's no way in heaven or hell that i will go to Australia or anywhere on the 4th leg so if thats ok to do i will do that. maybe give it to someone who answers some trivis correctly?

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Hey all you crazy U2 fans. I recently went to their concert at MSG and it blew my mind. I was fortunate enough to get backstage passes and actually meet Bono after the show, which was incredible. He really is a nice guy..and he was wearing his cowboy hat..which is a major plus! haha.

I'd just like to say..i know this song isn't that popular..but the beginning guitar part in "In a Little While" practically brings tears to my eyes it is so beautiful.

just thought i'd share that :)
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  • hbpen

Bono's cowboy hat

Personally, I think Bono needs to stop it with the cowboy hat. He's Irish, not Texan, ya know? ;)

But I see that some people (for reasons I cannot fathom) actually LIKE Bono in a cowboy hat. I figure, what better way to see if I'm a total minority than a poll! *G*

(Yes, I know I need a life.)

Bono & cowboy hats -- what do you think?

love it
like it
no opinion, it's his hat
don't care for it
hate it and/or think it's dumb