December 1st, 2005



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For all those with DirecTV, a Freeview of U2's Vertigo tour airs on channel 124 all December long. Not just the half-hour snippets on MTV, VH1 or Fuse, but a whole HOUR AND A HALF!

This is especially for all those who don't have the DVD yet (I'm waiting until Christmas.)

A Fellow Fan

I just got back from the gym literally atschool. As I was leaving this girl lifting weights stops me and goes " What show did you go too?" I first looked at her like she was crazy and then I realized I had on my Vertigo shirt that I bought at the concert back in may. So we talked for a bit and she was like if ever want to go to a concert contact me.
Steve Zissu

There's a light in The Edge....

Well, although I couldn't scavenge a ticket for the 28th of November show in Montreal (attemded the 26th show), I am as satisfied as if I had actually been in the arena. Oh by the way, U2 and The Arcade Fire played a cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart, how cool is that?

Anyway, wandered down to the Bell Centre around 4:30pm and waited under the de la Montange overpass, which is the artist entrance. Ann, a new U2 buddy I made this weekend, met me there and we tried to stake out a good position, unsure as to which entrance they would drive up to.

Anyway, around 6pm Adam comes out and signs autographs for a frenzied crowd. Luckily, the fans, even those who weren't behind a barrier, weren't too crazy and they didn't spook the band. Next out was Edge. Let me just say that in person this guy, even seeing him for a second, is so untouchably cool. He flashed that wonderful Edgey smile of his and made the rounds around the crowd, signing just about everything. I thrust my arm out and he signed my ticket from the November 26th show. Next, he signed Ann's ATYCLB cover - which she pointed out was the only album cover that would have a lot of white space for a black Sharpie :O

Bono came out next and managed to give me a rockstar/brush with greatness moment as he swooped around the crowd signing a few autographs, including a great painting of himself that I'm sure is hanging in a fan's living room right now. So I didn't get to touch or talk to him, but maybe it's best that way, hehe. I left the de la Montange overpass with such a giddy feeling....
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Bono in Q

I'm not sure if anyone's mentioned this already but Bono is in Q magazine, on the cover, and I don't like the pic, haha! But yeah, I'm assuming it's just a British mag although I am sure you could order it online if you wanted to.