December 2nd, 2005



I'm a new LJ user, a new u2 LJ community member, a new u2 fan, a new everything! :-) hey, has anyone here joined the christmas-card exchange thing ( I saw it on @u2...

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20 Questions

I'm sorry! couldn't help it!
If you have nothing else to do,

1. Try going to this site:
2. Think of U2.
3. Answer the questions.

It got me at Question 18. Only I don't think they have U2 in their database:

1. It is classified as Animal.
2. Does it have paws? No.
3. Can it jump? Yes.
4. Is it tall? Yes.
5. Does it perform? Yes.
6. Is it worth a lot of money? Yes.
7. Is it bigger than sofa? No.
8. Do you know any songs about it? Yes.
9. Does it provide protection? No.
10. Can you use it with your friends? Yes.
11. Does it play music? Yes.
12. Can you use it 24 hours a day? Yes.
13. Does it taste good? No.
14. Is it outside? Yes.
15. Is it used by the police? No.
16. Would you find it on a farm? No.
17. Can liquids pass through it? No.
Q18. I am guessing that it is a rock band?

(er... though I don't think I should've said "No" to "Is it tall?")

Warning: The questions are random, so don't expect to get the same results always. The first time, it took 26 questions, and 20Q thought I was thinking of a preacher.

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Pink Me

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I was going to bother you all with some more ridiculous U2 conspiracy theories (YAY!) but I came up with something cooler. Somehow or another, I did a full run-through of Zoo Station, basically commenting on every little thing in the song. It's quite funny, and shows I have nothing else to do while waiting for laundry to dry.

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it's a blue sky...

U2 on news in New Orleans

Wow. U2 just made the evening news here, because of The Edge's Music Rising campaign. I am impressed.
It was amusing beyond all belief to hear Jim Henderson, our newscaster, say "The Edge" and kind of wrinkle his brow as if to say "WTF?"

Still, just a cool thing for me because I hardly ever hear about U2 in the news down here.
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Me - candy


I just saw Edge on VH1 doing a commercial for Music Rising, a charity to buy replacement instruments that musicians in the New Orleans area lost during the hurricane.

Once again, the boys are out there working for a cause. :)

*watches more videos, waiting for U2 to show up*
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