December 3rd, 2005

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For those of you coming out of town for the Cleveland show next week, your ticket will say the show is at "Gund Arena". It's at that arena but the name has been changed to the "Quicken Loans Arena" or "The Q Arena". Just in case you were looking for signs on the highway so you don't get confused.

Everyone pray for us poor GA people who will be standing outside. I'm hoping the weather isn't like it was today, cold and snowing.
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adam clayton in christie's catalog


does anybody have a copy of the christie's catalog from november 2004 that had all the persian rugs and stuff that adam had put up for auction. i need to get a copy of the pages that discribe his lots. if anybody could help me i'd really appreciate it. i may or may not have just purchased something of adam's but i need to verify. if it is the real deal, i'll be sure to send whoever sends me scans of the catalog, pics of the item(s) i'm getting in return.
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Boston pride
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SOTD - Technical difficulties, please stand by

sorry all for the AWOL of late
having hard drive issues
this one is crapping out, it's getting 'ported to a spiffy new 80GB shortly
and I gotta run to Boston tonight
some irish band is playing there apparently
and i gots GAs...

so yeah. thinking I'm gonna put Band-AID up if people want, tis the season and all that. back later...
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disembodied head
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Discotheque vocals

I figure a lot of you will have no problem answering this question, so I figured I'd ask it here--

In "Discotheque," who is the not-Bono voice that dominately sings throughout several parts of the song (most noticably, "You know you're chewing bubble gum...")?

Also, I'd be interesting in knowing what you people think of "Pop" as an album. I think it's pretty good; I liked the style of "Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me," and a lot of the stuff on Pop has a similar feel. That said, I think that half of the songs on the album aren't up to par with U2's regular standards. I loathe "Miami" with a passion, in particular.

My favorite songs are "Staring at the Sun" and "Wake Up Dead Man."

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