December 5th, 2005

Fox - Bright eyes.

*grins smugly*

I can't believe it. After 30 minutes this morning with myself manning the computer and my mother manning the phone I am now the extremely happy recipient (I have to wait until January to actually get them) of two shiny U2 tickets for the Adelaide Show. I honestly didn't think this was going to happen, especially after my mother's friend offered a free place to stay in Adelaide, I thought it was all too good to be true ... I'd have somewhere to stay but no concert tickets but shit, I got both!

Now you'll have to excuse me while I go and scrape myself off of the floor ... I'm in blissful shock here. *laughs*
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Check out Michael Coppel's site

Click through till you get to U2's tour dates.

Announcement tomorrow?? SHIT. I am working tomorrow... this is not good. this is not good. this is not good.

EDIT: The New Zealand show sold out extremely quickly too. And another concert has been announced, with tickets going on sale NEXT Monday... do we take a hint...?! EDIT EDIT: The lady I just spoke to at Ticketek said that they "know that there won't be another concert going on sale today" and had no idea about that an announcement mentioned on the Coppel site existed. GRRRREAT.
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I spent five hours this morning sitting on the ground doing absolutely nothing as I waited for tickets. And yet now I have two beautiful GA tickets to Adelaide, I feel like it was the most constructively spent five hours of my life :)

I'm kind of proud of myself, actually. Second in line for tickets at a U2 concert! And the guy that got there first was a security guard at the ticket venue building, so he used his keys to get in early before anyone else had a chance. Lucky guy! Although I'm a bit nervous about going GA now. Maybe I should've got A-reserve. It'll be such an intense crowd. Still... what's done is done.

Anyway, just wishing everybody who tried phone/online/queuing all the best - I hope you got what you wanted. I know tickets sold out in about an hour in most places, so I hope it worked out.

I'm so excited! Anyone going to the Adelaide gig, see you in March!
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Triple Encore to cap off an awesome show in Boston last night

this tour has been going on since March and supposedly last night was a record setting night with a triple encore, here' what has to say about it:

A triple bill encore in Boston, on the first of two final shows here for Vertigo 05. We counted 24 songs in the show tonight. Is this a record ? Here's the set list, more detail to follow.

City of Blinding Lights
I Will Follow
Still Haven’t Found
Beautiful Day
Original of the Species
Sometimes You Can’t Make it On Your Own
Love and Peace or Else
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Bullet The Blue Sky
Miss Sarajevo
Pride in the Name of Love
Where the Streets have no Name

Until the End of the World
Mysterious Ways
With or Without You

Stuck in a Moment
40 (a snippet of sorts, it was longer than a typical snippet)

There were snippets of a lot of Beatles songs and "The Hands that Built America" also.

All Because of You
Fast Cars

--Only missing a few of the All Time best like "New Year's Day" But man, what a dream set list?

Best parts of the night besides the music:
All the adlibs into Beatles songs including "Sgt. Pepper's", "All you Need is Love", and "Here Comes the Sun";

Bono and The Edge racing around the loop stage in different directions during "Until the End of the World";

Bono's anecdote about his Father before "Sometimes You Can't Make it on Your Own" (written for his funeral) saying that their conversations over the
decade before he died consisted of "Would you take those fucking sunglasses off" so he played the song for him without the glasses on haha;

Bono telling the story about how The Edge is really from the future and how he came to Dublin in the 70's from a far off place called Boston Massachusetts;

the creation of a "Milky Way" in the stadium by having everyone take out their cellphones (then used to advocate people to Text their names to sign the ONE Declaration) then he talked about AIDs relief advocates like Ashley Judd who was there as well.

Edge article in The Word magazine

It is very likely that I'm posting something that's already been mentioned on here, because I'm rubbish at paying attention when people talk about loads of different magazines hitting the shelves. So er, sorry if this is old news, but anyway... when I was in Borders today buying the new edition of Q (with the Bono article), I also came across this magazine which has a very interesting-looking (and huge) Edge interview in it. I haven't had a chance to read any of this stuff yet, but it seems to be Edge's version of the history of U2, or something along those lines. So that was me a full eight quid poorer when I left the shop!  (Good value for money though - Q comes with a free music trivia book (obsessively packed with U2 facts) that's normally a tenner, and The Word comes with a free CD. Wheee.) (Hurrah for (brackets(!))) *is minorly sleep deprived*