December 6th, 2005


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Wow, I was shocked when they started playing Instant Karma tonight! And Norwegian Wood! I really wasn't expecting anything like that. And Miss Sarajevo continues to amaze me.

Also when Bono said "I've just discovered Edge can't talk and play at the same time" really cracked me up.

Uh.. yeah... that's all!

Hartford GAs for sale

I have two extra tickets to Hartford, both GA. I'm selling them for face value, $63 (even though I paid well above face value), and if you want them you'd have to meet me in line, because in exactly twelve hours we are leaving Boston to drive down there and get in line. I would hate to waste them!
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I wonder if they're playing the Lennon songs for his 'anniversary' on Friday. I hope they play some snippets again on Wednesday night, when I'm seeing them; I'd love to hear Instant Karma live.

And I love what he said about The Edge. LOL. Poor Edge, he always gets teased.
over THERE!
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We all knew it would happen...

...and now it's confirmed, Australia!

Yay...we get to go through the ticket buying madness all again next monday!


More Shows For Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney

As a result of fan demand, U2//Vertigo//2006 have announced second and final shows in Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney. Tickets for these three new performances will all go on sale on Monday, December 12 at 9 AM local time. There will be no other extra concerts possible. Here's the dates and booking details:

Saturday March 18 Auckland Ericsson Stadium – Ticketmaster 09 970 9700 Web
Saturday March 25 Melbourne Telstra Dome – Ticketmaster 136 100 Web
Saturday April 1 Sydney Telstra Stadium – Ticketek 132 849 Web

The first five shows for Australia and New Zealand, which went on sale yesterday, caused an unprecedented demand for tickets. U2’s concerts in Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane were virtual sell-outs, with 250,000 tickets sold including an unbelievable 160,000 during the first 90 minutes - breaking ticket-selling records across the country. The concerts were the quickest sell outs in the history of each venue with sales in Adelaide on the verge of breaking the largest ever concert attendance in that city.

It all started at 9am New Zealand time with U2’s on-sale at Ericsson Stadium in Auckland. All available tickets were sold within 90 minutes. At 9am, Melbourne time U2 at Telstra Dome went on-sale with all available tickets snapped up in just two hours. Not to be outdone, Adelaide’s AAMI Stadium went on-sale at 12.00 midday local time, with more than 30,000 tickets sold in the first three hours. Thirty minutes after the Adelaide on-sale, the Queensland Sports and Athletic Centre in Brisbane also went on-sale. Strong demand continued throughout the day with all available tickets sold out by late afternoon. Most spectacularly, the 70,000 tickets available at Sydney’s Telstra Stadium sold out in less than 50 minutes.

U2//Vertigo//2005//2006 is produced by The Next Adventure and RZO Productions, and presented in Australia and New Zealand in association with Michael Coppel Presents.


Just wondered if anyone that's going to Cleveland on Dec. 10 would like to meet up? skylark74 and I are traveling all the way from Georgia and would like to see if we could meet up with some other fans.

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Hartford, CT Dec. 7th

concert newbie questions:
Hartford: who's going and what time will you be in line?
If you're there first thing in the morning and the show's at 7:30pm what do you do about bathroom breaks? (I'm travelling alone)

the rest is just summed up in: CONCERT!TOMORROW!!U2!!!!!! *Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!*
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Bono YAY!

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I think I've been spending so much time lovingly poking fun at Bono (and reading u_toons so much) that it's beginning to affect my subconscious.

I went to sleep last night and had the weirdest U2 dream I've had yet.

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So yea, basically the dream made no sense. But it was pretty damn funny.
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Puppy Johns

Bono lovers mainly

Not sure if everybody's heard about this, but my friend googled Paul Hewson out of boredom and found this:

His nickname "Bono Vox" – usually shortened to "Bono" – is a corruption of Bona Vox, a brand of hearing aid for which the Latin translates to "good voice". "Bono Vox", however, literally means "The voice to the good man", Vox, the subject and Bono, the indirect object.

The word bono is also Italian slang for "sexy" and the dative form of the Latin word bonus; see List of Latin phrases.

Hmmm... sexy, eh?? ;) But mainly "The voice to the good man" seems to suit him VERY well, I believe!
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