December 13th, 2005


Postponing Medical Procedures

I was originally supposed to have a tiny, benign skin tumor removed from my face back in October. Problem: When I checked the appointment date, I found out that one of the U2 Madison Square Garden shows was that same night. I had tickets, and it was my first U2 concert ever. I thought, "OK, I'll have a little band-aid for the show, no biggie."
It turned out that the procedure to have my tumor removed would result in a black, swollen eye for 3-4 days. And it might hurt afterwards.

So I postponed the surgery. Next available date was this morning, December 12th.

It sounds a little nuts, but I'm sitting here with stitches under my right eye and a little 'shiner', thinking I wouldn't have enjoyed the concert if I was self-conscious and uncomfortable. I'm not hurting at all, but if things hadn't gone right, that Monday and Tuesday in October would have been spoiled. The tumor wasn't going anywhere, so it wasn't an emergency. I was actually told by the dermatologist that I could wait a few months if I needed to.

So, my question for the peanut gallery: Have you postponed anything mildly important for U2?

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Hello Hello

Still recovering from last night's show in Charlotte. Wonderful concert, the band was really on. Edge was smiling and laughing and jumping up and down, Larry was singing during Vertigo, smiling at the crowd during Love and Peace and Yahweh. Adam was of course Adam. There was a guy upfront who was passing out during Streets and he knelt down and gave him his pic, which was a great moment. They played Gloria which i feel privileged to have heard. I got in line at 2:45 that morning and i was in charge of the line so if you were there you more than likely signed your name onto the list i was running. Everyone looked to me as the guy in charge so that was fun. A couple news teams interviewed myself and some other fans. The crowd didnt quite match Atlanta, but i wasnt expecting it to. It was a decent crowd though, the floor was going off the whole time though. There was a bit of a clusterfuck going in which is a long story but the good news is everyone in my group got in and we were at the verrrry tip of the ellipse, right in front of Bono's grand entrance during City. and then the night was on! I'll post pics later.

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Song of The Day

"Elvis Ate America" from Passengers

The Passengers album is definitely an acquired taste.  I loathed this track to begin with, but now it's sorta grown on me.  Not necessarily to the point of affection, but it's... peculiar, and kinda catchy.  That's Howie B saying all the "Elvis"es, and I suppose he is what annoys me most.  Sounds like his mouth is full of cotton.  I've never heard Howie before, maybe this is what he actually sounds like, but I don't like it.

It started as a beat poem, written as a preface to an art book full of Evlis Presley and Marilyn Monroe images.  The lyrics are full of pop culture references, and I'm not even sure of all of them.  Mishima, for instance... and even which Jackson (Jesse? Michael? Joe?) remains unknown to our beloved Into The Heart author.  The industrial beat in the background is barely worth mentioning, except that the tambourine work makes me think "Jingle Bells."  I'm obsessed with the holidays, sue me. ;-)

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I will upload this song to G-mail.
ID: u2usendit
PW: vertigou2

Wikipedia results for Mishima.

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St. Louis U2 Fans

Just a little FYI for those planning on taking MetroLink to and from the U2 concert tomorrow night, it will be running until everyone leaves the concert. I just called to find out.

And if this post isn't allowed here, please let me know, and I'll delete it.
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Quick question

I'm probably a twit for not knowing this, but...

Do Larry and Adam seriously call Mr Evans "Edge"? As in, in the course of normal everyday conversation?

Thanking you,

A Confused Shipper Fan.
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Hello all.

Apologies for two posts in a row, but I have another pressing question that must be answered! (!!111one etc.)

We're drawing up the UK Christmas TV listings here at work, and on Christmas Eve on BBC 2 there's a Top of the Pops 2 Christmas special, with "a selection of the best ever TOTP performances." Including, of course, a performance by U2.

Anyone have any idea which song/performance it will be?

(I'm impatient, I know.)

Thanks in advance :)
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Liam Gallagher and Bono

So do any of you awesome people know that picture of Liam Gallagher of Oasis and Bono kissing? I was just wondering what the heck that's about. If anyone knows anything about it, I'm idly curious.
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I go to an art school for Video Production, but they require us to take drawing classes... being an art school and all. My final project was a portrait. It's a little irky, but I thought I would share:

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help, please !

i'm looking for a picture & i can't seem to find it. i'm hoping someone here can help me out :].

i'm almost 100% sure this picture is from the POP-era. it's bono & he's in the background & in the foreground is his fist showing a ring that says "jesus saves".

if anyone has it, i would be SO grateful ♥.
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U2 LJ Community Awards 2005: nominations continued

Just a midweek reminder that I'm still accepting nominations for the first annual U2 LJ Community Awards, celebrating what's been a great year for the band and our fun little forum (not so little any more, having passed the 1,000 members mark a few months ago).

The award categories can be found below the LJ-cut. Feel free to nominate under as many or as few of the headings as you like. Remember, at this stage there's no limit to how many nominations you can submit for each category. The actual voting will begin once I've drawn up the shortlist of nominees.

You can't nominate yourself, although I will allow you to nominate your own posts, icons etc if you so wish. I'd appreciate brief reasons for each nomination (to help with presentation speeches later on), but it's not essential.

All comments for this post are screened.

The award categories are as follows...

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I'm also accepting suggestions for additional categories, whether serious or silly. The best ones will be included as an open vote (i.e. no shortlist).

Thanks to all the people who have already submitted nominations, I'm pleased with the way this is going so far. :)  But *please* keep them coming!  If you feel there's someone who's brightened the community this year and deserves some recognition, why not make their day by nominating them for an award?  I particularly need additional nominations in the following categories:
  • Veteran of the Year - are there any established figures in the community who are still as involved and valued as the newbies?
  • Quote of the Year (LJ members) - has anyone in the community said something this year that made you think, smile, or just go "HELL YEAH!"?  Immortalise those words now!
  • Quote of the Year (the band) - think magazines, speeches, TV, award ceremonies, concerts!  I could really do with more Adam and Larry quotes in particular.
  • Most Comical Poster - who makes you laugh on here?  It can include people who make funny icons or graphics, for example.
  • Expert of the Year - who's always got the answers; who'd be your phone-a-friend when it comes to U2-related trivia?!
  • Best Userpic - amusing, gorgeous, or whatever. If you can't find the one you like, just describe it as best you can and I'll try to track it down.
  • Best Username - clever, funny, wish-I'd-thought-of-that...
  • Performance of the Year - what's one occasion this year where U2 just blew you away?
  • Concert of the Year - I can't believe more people haven't contributed to this one yet!  Pick the best show you attended, or even one you didn't go to - it could be a great Vertigo bootleg you've downloaded, or just a show that stands out for having an amazing setlist or some significant event.
  • Post of the Year - even if you can't find the URL, tell me if a specific post has stuck in your mind for some reason this year.
  • Discussion of the Year - what was the comment thread you enjoyed the most? Again, don't worry if you can't actually find it.
  • Poster of the Year - who's made the single biggest contribution to this community in 2005, in your opinion?
Nominations are open until at least Friday, and possibly into this weekend. Don't be shy now!
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