December 16th, 2005

Pink Me

Baby, Baby, Baby, light my wayyyy.


A. Am obsessed
B. Am easily amused
C. Have too much time on my hands
D. All of the above.

So I decided to use the craptastic programs on my computer to have a little U2 fun. It started with Ultra Violet (Light My Way) and then sort of bloomed from there.

Babeh, babeh, babeh


I decided to start cutting the "baby"s from that song, and putting them together, and then I started thinking of getting "baby"s from other songs.
I ended up with a 44 second long file, half of it is from Ultra Violet (Light My Way), the latter half is from Zoo Station, Love is Blindness, So Cruel, Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses, Miami, Original of the Species, Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me, Big Girls Are Best, and Mercy.

End result:

I'm not happy with it, particularly the ending. It ends a bit abruptly. I was going to add more "baby"s, from other songs, but I got frustrated with trying to seperate them, so I gave up and just left it as is. It's still pretty fun though ;P
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Tell me I'm not crazy!

Ok... this has probably been general knowledge for years and covered 3423 times and I've somehow missed it...

But have U2 stolen their own pianoy bits? Because... I'm listening to October (the song) and it is sounding verrrrry much like the piano on The Hands That Built America...

Set me straight? :P

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So can I ask a question it may sound dumb but how has U2 changed your life if this Vertigo Concert was your first U2 show ever. Do you view the world diffrent? I know when I went to my first show I saw the ONE station. I looked at it but I passed it up. I did not sign. But 23 days or so after the concert last night I went to and from there I went to the one site. and signed up. Funny I felt like I made a diffrence. I may even get the single from itunes (Don't give up) And as of right now I am listening to the ONE Podcast. Its intresting.
i may get some rist bands or a t-shirt. Also the rolling stones interview (podcast) listening to Bono and everything I seem to understand more of what he does and everything. And now it just seems everything towards U2 stuff like that is personal to me now. And thru the many U2 songs I seem to learn more about my own self and who I am as a person. Looking into my past. Looking into whats going on right now. And have hope for a good future.

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