December 19th, 2005


Bono On Bono ...

There is currently a sort of biography out in the shops at the moment called

Bono On Bono ...

whilst out at lunchtime noticed that Waterstones has this on the shelf at half price ... so for anyone in the UK that hasn't got it would be a good time to buy it ...

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Hello hello!

I'm Nick; been a U2 fan since Joshua Tree (and I was quite young when that came out). Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself to the community. I hope to be posting in here often.

I wish I could have gone to a show this year (just couldn't afford it), and it looks like there'll be no US stadium tour next summer as was rumoured, so I will have to wait a while.

Add me to your friends list if you feel the urge and I will add you back.
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