December 20th, 2005

Pop Article

For my fellow Pop Tarts here in the community:

A fantastic little write up I found about "Pop" from around the time of the rumours about it being re-recorded. You might not agree with his assessments of the other albums, but I think he gets alot spot on when it comes to why "Pop" failed and how amazingly brilliant it really is. Enjoy!

Also, that site is just fantastic in general *G*
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Song of the Day

"Red Light" from War

"... but Red Light is regarded as one of U2's most unsatisfactory cuts..."

That's one of the closing lines of Red Light's blurb in Into The Heart.  I think Bono's lyrics are as strong as ever, but sonically it's very different.  First, the use of back up singers.  That's a rare U2 move, and maybe it put off some listeners.  Plus the use of brass, the trumpet solo, that's very rare for the boys, too.

The song can take many layers, as usual.  A love song, Bono singing to a prostitute, a prostitute singing to a customer, or the one I missed... another plea to save Adam's soul.  Apparently the guy needs saving, because lots of songs reference this in the book.  War has at least one other... and maybe you'll get to see it later on in War Week. ;-)  (Srsly, it's the only album left... 'cept the R&H cover songs.)

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Fave Lyrics:
But where can you go to leave yourself behind?

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summer reading

Portland show pic spam!

My husband and I were lucky enough to be at the Portland show last night and it was everything we were hoping for...and more. What an awesome show! Probably the best I've been to.

My husband used the new digital camera for the first time and didn't realize it could do video snippets, so we have a few he took accidentally that are mostly static because the camera was in his pocket (heh heh!), but he also got some great pictures that I'd thought I'd share.

Like Bono with no sunglasses!

Bono no sunglasses

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When I'm able to process this a bit better I might make some more comments about it, but for now I'll just say what a band! What a night! They really are the best in the world.
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This article appeared in "Relevant" magazine recently, a so-called Christian publication.

Now, I'm all for people disagreeing and stating their opinions. Thing is... this woman isn't even quoting Bono correctly, and basing her hatefulness partially on her own misunderstanding, although from her tone I get the feeling it wouldn't much have mattered....

If you have anything to say to Relevant about this woman's sadly bigoted point of view regarding Bono and the COEXIST statement he makes, please send them feedback.

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[MM] :D


So I was just listening to a recording (or two) from some 1980 shows ... waaaay back in the day.

& I've always heard their older stuff, but never from a live recording. It never struck me until now how majorly punk influenced they were... It's pretty awesome.
So I went out and bought WAR and BOY. hehe...

& wow. The Irish accent is way more noticable for Bono too. He just said "tank ya fer comin'". CUTE.
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Does anyone have any information (what it is, if it's a U2 song, what session it's from, when/how it was released, blah, blah, blah...) about the song "Mercy?" I keep hearing about it but have yet to find it anywhere.