December 22nd, 2005

Song of the Day

"Like A Song" from War

Somone around here has this for an LJ-name, don't they?  This one's for you.... yah, that's it.

*ahem* Now that I feel like your DJ.  I was obsessed with War when I first got my hands on it.  I count it as my second favorite album.  This song, in particular, I think is my favorite.... was my favorite.  I'm not so fond of it having it on repeat now, not sure why.  Maybe it's something to be revelled in just once.

It probably has the shortest blurb in ITH.  It talks about the rebel cliche, and all that.  It also mentions my favorite lines "When others need your time / you say it's time to go / it's your time."  This was an indictment of other musicians, who I'm supposing were selfish.  The lyrics are the usual, clever Bono.

Again with the drumming.  The 60-second coda at the end of the song is all Larry.  Edge kinda jumps in, and it almost seems improvised. "Sure, I'll jam with ya buddy."  And then it fades away.  It also starts with a pounding beat, purely Larry.  War was definitely a Larry album... even if he says no one focused on him much until TUF. 

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