December 27th, 2005

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U2 bootleg

Greetings, fellow U2 fans; lurker here, posting for the first time. I grew up listening to U2, but I didn't become a real fan until I saw them for the first time in concert, December 14th, in St Louis.
Generally, I consider myself a hard-core Bowie fangirl, and when I saw him on the Reality tour I figured that I'd never see another concert top his. But I was mistaken: Bono's ability to connect with the crowd was something I hadn't seen before in Bowie. And, as a Christian, Bono's zealous spirituality appeals to me in a way that none of Bowie's fantastic costuming and eloquently wordy lyrics do.
Now, since the Vertigo concert, I've been fanatically acquiring anything and everything U2 I can lay hands on (buttons, programs, magazines, books, DVDs, and, of course, the few albums I didn't already have, most at discount prices) and wondering why I ever even considered reselling Joshua Tree. And I have also experienced some frustration regarding a particular aquisition, which is, namely, a bootleg of my St Louis concert.

I've been busy trying to find the show online. I had a couple of false starts (U2Live2U has some really good boots, but not the one I want) before finding it. But unfortunately... I am on dialup, and my poor computer just couldn't handle a 185MB download.

So, I am pleading from the bottom of my U2-enraptured heart for someone to lend me a hand. If anyone would be willing to download and burn the concert to CD and send it to me via snail mail, I would be more than willing to pay for supplies, labor, and shipping and handling. If you're interested, please leave a comment here or on my journal, and know that you will be making a new fan very, very happy!!
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The North Sea

Third Leg Pictures

I met several of you at some of the stops on the third leg. As promised I've put my pictures of the shows online. You can get them here...

You can see my pictures of the shows in Boston/Buffalo/Cleveland/St Louis/Omaha/Salt Lake City & Portland here.

Enjoy. Thanks to those who made me so welcome in the US, you know who you are! :)

Ohh btw and you can see my 2nd leg pics here if you haven't already seen them.
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paul weller / noel gallagher

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Okay... so the live version of "Running to Stand Still" on the Vertigo DVD is amazing beyond words... I was wondering, does anyone have the MP3 version from the DVD? Would be amazing if you did.
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The Observer interview, billed as 'the only U2 interview you'll ever have to read', ended up being the usual 20-pages-of-Bono-and-one-line-each-for-the-others thing. But it was Larry's lone paragraph (hey, it's more than Adam got, with his single line of recognition!) that made me laugh most. It's just typical Larry, and I felt like sharing. :)

'Sometimes I really wish he [Bono] would do something that we could punch a big hole into. I'd really enjoy that - to go up to him and say, you fucker. Sometimes, it's just so constant, the meetings, the speaking, the mouth, but in the end even I have to say he's doing a great job, and he's getting things done. Look, if it was possible to have a really good kick at what he does, as a band we would have done it before anyone else. During the recording of our album, he'll be away on a venture, and it's like, great, peace. He gets impatient in the studio, and we tell him to fuck off, go and meet George Bush. And he does! Maybe it's our fault! And then he comes back and he's been working on a lyric and he's fresh and really into it. So it does work out.'

Honestly, the man's a genius. If we didn't already know he loved Bono really, lol...!

U2 LJ Community Awards 2005: last chance to vote!

As requested, here's a reminder for those of you who have yet to vote in our end-of-year community awards!  I've had a great response so far but the more the merrier, I haven't counted any of the votes yet but I suspect a few of the categories are going to be pretty close!

The full list of nominations can be seen HERE...

...and you can submit your vote HERE!

I will be counting the votes THIS FRIDAY and posting the results on Saturday, so don't miss out on your chance to participate. It's a great way to reflect on the fun year we've had!
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