December 29th, 2005


Best Live Version of ... - First in an occasional series

I think any of us that have seen U2 live, either once or 50 times, will agree that their live performances are what make U2 the incredible band they are. I'm sure we have all seen concerts from bands and left feeling like we could have listened to the album and gotten the same effect. No risk of that happening with our boys.

There are a few songs that are signature live songs for U2. That really drive home just what an amazing treat it is to witness these four people playing on a stage.

So this is the first in a series of polls where I would like peope to share their thoughts on the best live performance of one of U2's signature live songs. For each song, I will list the most widely available recorded versions (through concert videos/DVDs or well known public broadcasts), and I invite your feedback on which version you think is best. Additionally, you can choose a particular performance you witnessed and tell us why it was the best. The only limitation for this choice is that you must have attended the performance.

So here we go...

Where the Streets Have No Name

It seems appropriate to start this series with the epitomal live U2 song. As Bono put it earlier this year, "it's the one song that, no matter what kind of night we're having, we know we can play it and God will walk through the room." I don't think anything more needs to be said on the topic.

So, which performance of Streets was best?

Rattle and Hum
New Year's Eve 1989 Broadcast
Zoo TV Live in Sydney
PopMart Live in Mexico City
Elevation Live in Boston (also shown live on NBC during the NBA playoffs)
U2 Go Home (Live at Slane Castle)
2002 Super Bowl
Vertigo Live in Chicago

I think that's all the notable live performances that have been officially recorded.

My choice:

They all have so much energy around them, but I'm going to go with the Vertigo performance in Chicago. It's unusually crisp and high energy (of course, they are all high energy!) and I've been watching it over and over again.

Comment away people!

U2 sightings - er - hearings?

I heard "Sunday Bloody Sunday" twice this week on two different talk shows:

1. Conan O'Brien sang along with Bono blasting in his stereo while ferrying stranded New Yorkers in his car.

2. That guy on Jay Leno (Mike? John?) did the Oh-oooh opening part with three high school kids doing a cover of SBS in "You Learn New Things Every Day" - about wannabe rock stars.

"You could lipsynch to the talk shows..."

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It's the final countdown... duddle-uh-duh... duddle-uh-duh-duh...

OK people, this is your absolute final reminder about the U2 LJ community awards - I'll be counting the votes when I get home tomorrow evening, so you only have a few hours left to cast your vote if you haven't already done so!



Thank you *so* much to everyone who's been taking part, I've already received a whopping three pages of votes so it'll be very interesting to see how it all shakes out! :D
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