December 31st, 2005


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About a week and a half ago, volare posted an article from a Christian magazine (Relevant Magazine) by a woman who went to a concert, and totally misinterpreted Bono's message behind the CoeXisT blindfold.
This article caused quite a stir here, as it did among U2 fans everywhere. E-mails poured into the magazine, most of which were correcting the misinterpretation. Because of the massive reaction the article, the magazine put together a special Podcast, on this subject alone. It's well worth a listen. The people doing the podcast quote from many of the feedback e-mails they received, and overall seem to be much more openminded than the woman who wrote the initial article.

The podcast can be found on the magazine's homepage:
Scroll down and look for the Podcast thing, in the middle of the page, near the bottom. Just push play, and it should start playing.
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My co-worker Matt heard a talk show on a christian channel about 1/2 hour ago. The guy giving the show said that Bono is the anti-christ and it will be revealed in 2006.


((((EDIT: It wasn't a "Christian" talk show--it was Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell. They are doing their annual 2006 predictions show, where any old crackpot can call in and give a prediction for 2006. And some crackpot did and said Bono would be revealed as the Anti-Christ next year. -- TY orcho5000 - I hadn't listened to it.. just second hand talk from co-worker)))

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So my day was filled with more random U2-ness than usual.

Exhibit A: a cartoon Bono in The National Post's "A to Z of 2005"
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Exhibit B: "Get Fuzzy" mentions Bono/U2 in the Sunday comics. Very cute. (as always)
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U2 LJ Community Awards 2005 - The Award Ceremony!

Time Lords, ladies and gentlemen... it is my great pleasure to welcome you all to the first ever U2 LiveJournal Community end-of-year awards ceremony!!

It's been a fantastic year for U2 fans, with a truly spectacular world tour to promote what is (in my opinion) one of the best U2 albums we've ever had. As if that wasn't enough, the boys finally became eligible for induction into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame (woohoo!), they opened the historic Live 8 show at Hyde Park, and have kept us entertained with numerous TV appearances. And it's all been discussed, debated and celebrated in this wonderful LJ community, which has enjoyed quite a few significant events of its own in 2005, including the arrival of its one thousandth member (and many more)!  It's as good a time as ever to find out what the highlights of the last 12 months have been for you, the community members.

More than 40 of you came and voted, which was way more than I had expected, to be honest - so a huge THANK YOU once again to everyone who participated, and thanks especially for making such an effort to vote in all the categories! :)  Without you guys I would have been sat here feeling pretty stoopid right now. ;p

The lines are closed, the votes have been counted and verified, and I can now reveal that the first person to be evicted from the u2 community is...... only kidding!!

Without further ado, let's reveal some award-winners!!!

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