January 2nd, 2006

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The Great u2 Demographic Survey

In an attempt to futher inundate myself with an overload of data, I've thought of The Great u2 Demographic Survey to kick off the year.
Comments will be screened to make it easier on me and on you to release semi personal information. (Like your home phone number, times you sleep at, whether or not you lock your door at night...etc).
Try to answer everything honestly so I can compile true results.
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I wanted to thank you guys for the kind words yesterday and to let everybody know that if you want to order one of my Li'l U2 calendars, it's no problem. If you don't want them to crop your pictures all funny, just click the thing that says you won't allow cropping. Because some of us did not see that and got all idiotic and alarmist about it. :)

You can use this link to make it happen:


If that doesn't work, just go to @U2's main page and you'll find it. The cost is something like $20 when you factor in shipping and stuff. I don't get any money for this, just so you know.
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Poll: U2 Pauses

I hope this has never been posted yet...

I was listening to "New Year's Day" (All is quiet...) then "October" came on.

I just realized that U2 aren't just about the sound, but the pauses, too - here's the "pause" I love most:

"But you go on -
*pause of bated breath*
- and on..."

The pause just makes the "and on" infinite.

It could be when Bono stops singing and The Edge comes in with a riff that makes your heart pound like nothing else (like the one in "Miracle Drug", just before Edge sings "Beneath the noise...").

It could be a pause for one of Adam's basslines. Or a Larry drum solo. Or... the breath before "whooo-hooo!" in Elevation.

So... what are your favorite U2 "pauses"? :-)
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The Bono interview with Rolling Stone podcast has a new episode so be sure to update it!Here's more info: "Bono: The Rolling Stone Interview Pt. 7 : Zooropa - Atomic Bomb 26:25 1/2/2006 U2's singer discusses all of the U2 albums, from "Zooropa" through "How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb" with Rolling Stone editor and publisher, Jann S. Wenner in this final segment of the Rolling Stone Interview with Bono."
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All That You Can't Leave Behind


How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb?

i've seen a lot of reviews and such comparing the two; i did it myself in my school newspaper last year.

i personally prefer ATYCLB. i feel it's a more consistent effort overall. but i know a lot of you think the opposite, and that's okay! it's why i'm asking!
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Song of the Day

Song of the Day

Song of the Day today is "If God Will Send His Angels (Single Version)"

This used to be one of my favorite songs off my favorite album, Pop. For some reason it reminds me of the holidays, I think maybe because of the short Christmas tree reference and partly because I bought the single back in '97 nearing Christmas. It's one of my favorite singles of all time, having both IGWSHA, as well as "Slow Dancing" and "Two Shots of Happy, One Shot of Sad". It's a single I still come back to over and over, and a song that I think stands out in the entire U2 collection. I even saw this song performed live once, though it was about half the song and kinda of...bad ;) They tried, and I am forever lucky that I heard it that once. At any rate, I love this song. I think the lyrics, just like all the other songs on Pop, are out of this world.

Enough of my love-fest with Pop :) Tomorrow I will try to post pictures of the most unusual, but rather nice Christmas present I've ever been presented--a purse sewed directly from an old copy of a Rolling Stone with U2 on the cover, making the front, and a photo of Bono on the back. It's interesting, to say the least.

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Random U2 Quote of the Week

"When this bogus term alternative rock was being thrown at every '70s retro rehash folk group, we were challenging people to new sonic ideas. If some little snotty anarchist with an Apple Mac and an attitude thinks he invented dance music and the big rock group is coming into his territory, [that's] ridiculous." - Bono, U2 - 1997