January 4th, 2006


U2 Sound - alikes

1. I was listening to The Ramones' "Teenage Lobotomy" and found the guitar riff at the start (after "Lobotomy! Lobotomy!" and the bass guitar intro - sorry, not so good at musical terms...) seemed familiar.

Then I realized it sounded like The Edge's guitar riff that kicks off "The Electric Co." (the one right after the starting "oooh-oooh...")

Any insights?

2. Is it just my imagination or does U2's "Always" sound like "Beautiful Day"?

3. In the Chicago Vertigo DVD, a "Zoo Station" Edge guitar solo (?) sounded a lot like something from "Walk On".

4. And maybe I'm a moron for mentioning this, but I just realized the Edge was making cat meows with his guitar in "An Cat Dubh". I loved it.

Sorry... I just love the Edge and his guitar. Comment away, all you Edge devotees! :-)
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Jack magic

Caption that picture

Okay, I'm extremely bored tonight and had nothing else to do, so I thought this might be kinda cool. I have a wallpaper that I absolutely love of the boys on my desktop. I know it's probably one everyone's seen, but everytime I look at it I can't help but wonder what's going through their minds the second the picture was taken.

So here's the deal, take a look at the picture below and come up with the best caption you can, i.e., what everyone is thinking at that moment. The person whose caption is most creative/witty/amusing/whatever in my opinion, I'll make you a few icons or a banner or something, your choice.

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