January 10th, 2006


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I've posted quite a lot of U2 stuff that amuse me, that give me bellyaches laughing, but this time I just wanted to share something else.

This was my first U2 post ever, when my love was new and raw, when their music spoke to me as I was walking through the streets of my hometown and the images and words came, fragmented, unbidden, furiously limping:

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X-Men: Charles/Erik

Nine Million Bicycles

I was listening to Nine Million Bicycles from Katie Melua, and there is this line in the lyrics

"We are twelve billion light years from the edge"

How funny! science = Edge!

I know, Im just talking dumb because Im bored and I can't want until my mum si ready to go to town (Im going to get a piercing!)


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ok. Itunes is downloading the Complete U2. For some reason it is saying the Purchased Music playlist is full and is now apparently taking songs OFF the boxset and my computer. how the fuck do i stop the download? Can i get my money back since only 300 something songs are apparently going to be downloaded? It is staying on the number 294 of 447. It shows the song being downloaded (or erased) and then the number at the bottom decreases. Im really really fucking pissed. 99 dollars maybe out the window. Tell me i can get a refund. Anyone else had this problem?


Bono's Politics in NewsMax magazine

There is a wonderful and very informative ten page article in the Jan 2006 issue of NewsMax magazine. The cover article is called Rocker Bono's Political Evangelism. I recommend it to anyone wanting to read more about Bono's politics and views and I was impressed with the length of the article, as well as the amount of photos. Any avid Bono fan will want this for their scrapbook. Too bad the article isn't available online on their website, otherwise I would link to it.
Bono & Tom

Brit nominations

U2 have two nominations in this year's Brit Awards - Best International Group (up against The Arcade Fire, Black Eyed Peas, Green Day and The White Stripes), and Best International Album (up against The Arcade Fire, Green Day, Kanye West and Madonna).

Phoenix 4/14 and 4/15, Atlanta 11/18 shows

A few months ago i requested the Phoenix 4/14 and 4/15 shows on mp3 (the post is here), and some of you were kind enough to allow me access (with particular and much thanks to ringlunatic). Alas, regretfully...i lost them! At the time, i didn't have my own computer, and i was on a laptop borrowed from one of my good friends/bandmates across the country. I was trying to find some way to transfer the mp3's to another computer to burn them onto CD, and i couldn't find one by the time i had to return the computer. Interestingly enough, the same friend from whom i borrowed the laptop went to the Atlanta 11/18 show with me on the same trip in which i returned the laptop. But now i have a laptop with burning capabilities, so now i hope i can find any of these three shows and actually have them. Confusing, eh? In short, i lost the Phoenix shows before i had the chance to burn them (and believe me, i tried), so i'm hoping i can find them again (and mayhaps Atlanta 1, although i'll be happy if i find any of the three). Can anybody help me out or point me in the right direction? Thank you very much in advance. (I like to think i'm somewhat Internet-savvy, but situations like these cause me to sincerely doubt this.)

Once the aformentioned friend/bandmate gets our band's website or myspace up and running (probably after our new demo is finished in the next week or two), mayhaps i can post our cover of The Unforgettable Fire as a gesture of gratitude...