January 11th, 2006

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Lyric help, please :)

Okay. So my boyfriend and I's four-year anniversary is coming up, and he just told me that he's buying me an iPod. Not a U2 iPod, because he couldn't afford it, but a regular one. He's buying it direct from Apple, and so he gets a free engraving on the back.

He was going to surprise me by giving me the iPod with a U2 lyric engraved on the back, but he decided to ask me first because he was afraid of (a)getting the lyric wrong and (b) picking a lyric from a U2 song I hated (he could have picked anything except Miami and it would've been fine).


So now I have to choose the lyric. The problem is the tiny space it has to fit into - I'd happily have the whole of "Bad" or "Red Hill Mining Town" on the back, but hey. The Boyfriend would like the lyric chosen to be kinda romantic-ish, or at the least indicative that the iPod has been given to me by someone who cares about me. His current favourites are:

* Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me

(note: no Kill Me, but I hesitate because of the tone of the song)

* All I Want Is You

* We'll shine like stars in the summer night

Does anyone have any better ideas? My mind is blank, and I need something that will fit on two lines of just 27 characters each :/

A million thanks in advance :D ♥
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New OotS Video!

Whee! So they put out a new video for Original of the Species tonight. Much better than the previous one. There's no creepy CGI head or baby. And lots more of the band. However, AOL won't let me watch the video in firefox, only in netscape or ie. bah!

Anyways, you can catch it here. :D

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Song of the Day

Lady With The Spinning Head (Extended Dance Mix)
from the EBTTRT single and Best Of 90-00 B-Sides

Slim pickin's for SotD these days.  Whereas volare seems to have this super special extra rare U2 as you've never seen them before stuff, I have.... albums and remixes, to work with (and nobody seems to like remixes). *shakes a fist* I must take up bootlegs, I tell ya.  Anyhoodle...

I think this one is the definition of B-side.  It's not quite good enough to be on an album, but too good to throw out the window.  You can tell where "The Fly" and some of "Ultraviolet" came from with this song.  Especially "The Fly," to me it sounds like it throughout.

The intro reminds me of marbles being dropped on a hard floor.  Not sure why, that's just the image it evokes, dropping glass (that bounces, not breaks) on something hard.  The riff is okay, I suppose, but Edge is kind enough to throw us a guitar solo.  Larry loves his cymbals, we all know that.  I just think the end takes way too long.  I know dance mixes are supposed to be long, but eh.  To it's credit, I like the synth-strings in the background as it outros.

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X-Men: Charles/Erik

Bono impersonator

This was on the dutch tv in september. I missed it because I was in London, but Im glad to have found it. I was doubting to post it, because I know you all will be critical, but I think he did a great job.

This was from a programme called "In the huid van" which means "In the skin of" It's a sort of soundmix show.


on the right you see 6 pics, click on the 3rd pic or let it buffer first and go to 2,5 min. You first see some pics of Bono, and than he begins to sing

I think the guy was great, when he walked on the stage I was like "wtf? Bono?" and when he sings he's... well not really like Bono ofcourse, but does make it look real!

I think he's great... periode....

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X-Men: Charles/Erik


Oke.. I was so friggin bored on vacation, I thought this up:

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But don't you think it would fitt perfectly! I mean... Edge loves science, and he has a goatee and the beanie! He would fit perfectly with these guys!

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