January 12th, 2006

Which songs?

Which of their many songs (including b-sides and rarities and such) would you love to see the band perform live?

For me, seeing any song live would be great since I have yet to see U2 in concert, but I would probably die in a sudden rush of bliss if I saw them play "The Unforgettable Fire" or "Mothers of the Disappeared."
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Any Canadians... (or I guess... anyone else who may follow Canadian politics), see Paul Martin's rally yesterday? They played 'Where the streets have no name' on his way in and on his way out. Odd choice considering what Bono has had to say about him lately.

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Does anyone have the trascript from the Q Magazine interview with Bono? I had it but somehow lost it and it was pretty good--talking about wondering if God believes in us and whatnot.

Forever grateful!
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Aaaahaha, I must say, I have to laugh at how many times someone makes a request for something on these U2 journals, and they get more comments and more discussion on their icon than anything else. kbye.