January 14th, 2006

X-Men: Charles/Erik

The complete early years 1980-1987

This is what my mum ordered for me today!

Tiny pic, but they didn't had a larger one.

It's a box set of the early years (duh) it has, Boy, War, October, Under the Blood Red Sky, the Unforgetable Fire and the Joshua Three on it. It does not contain Wide Awake America.... but I can buy that one lose

It was 50 euro's and I actually save 10 euro's when I buy them lose in the stores.... and it also has a fancy box around it...

This means, I will be on my half of the U2 cd's! cause I already have Atominc Bomb....

I'm so spoiled ^_^

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Stay video

VH1 just played the Stay (Faraway, So Close) video, and I just have to say...

WOW. It's a stunning video, and not having seen it in a few years made me appreciate it all the more. I long to be the female singer being coached by Bono, or anyone else in that band... Larry looks devastatingly handsome, Edge shows off his perfect hands, Adam just has this look... Oh and the way it's shot - it's so poignant and simply beautiful.

In short, I ♥ it. I just had to share. And download it.