January 18th, 2006

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U2 mood theme

can anyone walk me through how to install that u2 mood theme i see everyone using? i have no clue where to find it or how to install it on my journal, but i assume since i see it on many journals that its a public theme?

thanks in advance.

Something for all of you to ponder

I was thinking earlier today about the free shows that are held in Central Park sometimes. I know that Simon & Garfunkle and Dave Matthews Band have had shows there, but I can't remember who else. And I believe the attendance for the Simon & Garfunkle show was around 500,000 people.

So here is my question: If U2 held a concert in Central Park, how many people do you think would be in attendance? I would think it at least 500,000.
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Random but true.

There's this TV show over here called 'Deal Or No Deal', actually I think I read they're making a US version so everyone might know it. Anyway, that's not important. What IS important (well, kinda) is that today the guy on it was like Adam's double, but older! Seriously, he had the glasses, the silver hair, the same smile, the same mouth, his nose, everything was just... Adam in 15/20 years! It was amazing the likeness. I was sitting going 'ADAM, OMG!' and my sister thought I'd flipped cos she's no idea who in the hell Adam is. But it amused me!

That was all. You are dismissed. ;)

U2 Hartford Show

I know this was awhile ago...but I was the U2 show in Hartford, CT at the beginning of December in the ellipse, right in front of the stage. I have to say the whole experience was just about the closest thing I have ever had to a religious experience. They were incredible! The best part is that I didn't really do anything special besides show up and I had the best seats in the house. I cried several times. When they played "Gloria" it seriously just about made up for every U2 show I missed in the 80's when I was just a kid. Also, all of the new stuff is mind-blowingly good...especially from someone who was not a fan of the early 90's stuff. I wish I could see them at least once a week.