January 20th, 2006

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Because Bono said so!

I'm not positive if this has been posted before, but you know what? It deserves to be posted again. Happy Friday, everybody! And remember, Bono says you should think highly of yourself! And I think you should too because hey, let's face it- if you're a U2 fan, you rock, right?

"Self consciousness is never sexy. I've seen myself being interviewed on TV and I've thought 'what an a**hole' "
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Just a big Thank You

to you all for putting remixes, sessions, alternatives etc, of some of the U2 stuff up on gmail. there are so many songs i've been able to listen to these last few months that i've never heard, didnt even know existed, and its been wonderful.

i also love how most of you will put what version a particular song is in ( ) for us too - my poor hard drive right now is so loaded down with 'stuff' that it makes keeping track of them all much much easier. (that way i know if i already have it from another source, or dont have it)

anyways, thanks for sharing.

Song of the Day Goodness

Alright.  Everybody get out their maces and clubs and await volare 's hacker to show.


... just kidding, that got boring.  But much luck to him!

Just for verification, based on this post, we seem to have a new SotD line-up for you.  The more the merrier!
Sundays - inklingfair
Mondays - sirensong984
Tuesdays - stay_please
Wednesdays - sapphires13  (eh? eh?)
Thursdays - bonoffee
Fridays - volare
Saturdays - volare

If anyone seems to disagree here, lemme know.  I like adding people, differing opinions and whatnot.  Plus, it'll make it easier when people have only a day (or two) to commit to.

So, while volare is cursing under his breath, I'll swoop in and sub. Without further ado...

"Lemon (Oakenfold Jeep Mix)" from the Lemon single

Another remix that trumps the original, I think.  But this time, I like the original, too.  I <3 Lemon, but it's a tad long.  This cuts it off just on the long side of average at 5:30 instead of being an epic seven minutes.

I lurve the intro, all Larry.  It's pretty much the same rhythm, but louder.  I'm not too fond of the string-slides that play after each line in the verses.  They sound too close to nails on glass or chalkboards, to me.  I also like the we spend less time with the falsetto.  (Okay, so I have sensitive ears and don't like high-pitches, what about it?) Edge's guitar sounds are wonderful through the "and I feel..." lines.  Much better than the strings.

Lemon, and Zooropa, holds some of Bono's best work, I say.  Another mommy song, the "she" wearing lemon (or lime, if you're Pla) is her, in Bono's memory.  "Midnight is where the day begins," is one of the greatest lines ever.

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Gmail hoosafrassin'grumbledeegruff.

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