January 23rd, 2006


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Today's Song of the Day is

Some Days Are Better Than Others from Zooropa

First off, I think Zooropa is a masterpiece.  Considering the time they took to record it (a FRACTION of time compared to Achtung Baby, Pop, ATYCLB, HTDAAB etc), one might expect mediocre lyrics or at least hurried lyrics and simple songs.  You absolutely will not find either on this album, if you ask me.  Every song of Zooropa is perfection, especially lyrically.  I think Zooropa's lyrics could trample "The Bomb" on any day.  That's part of the reason I sometimes have trouble getting into the newest releases, except for a couple of songs, I find the lyrics weaker than Zooropa or Pop. 

Anyway, enough of that.  This song is just so cleverly written.  The word play is excellent.  For me, the best part comes when Bono goes from the almost chanting lyrics of some days are blahblah... right into the soaring "SOME DAYS...." chorus parts.  Absolute perfection.  I chose this because I think it's a good example of a non-single that was still WAY on target.  My favorite line is "Some days you feel ahead; you're making sense of what she said."  Today I totally didn't feel ahead, but this song will always cure anything. 


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