January 26th, 2006

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New Remix Can be downloaded

The article came out today in the free dutch newspaper "spits".. I translated it for you all to read

U2 Track only available as download

The rockband U2 is releasing a new song/remix that has been recorded in the Netherlands. In july of last year the band recorded a new verion of "Original of the species" in the Wisseloord studios in Hilversum while they visisted the country for their Vertigo-tour. The track can be downloaded on the 20 of February on the internet. There will be no release on Cd or Cd-single in regular stores and will be an internet exclusive.

An Orchestra that was recording at the same time in the studios for a new album of Toots Thielemans, has collaborated on the track. For this single new new animated videoclips has been made by Catherine Owens which will premiere on Sunday in the MTV-NL prgram "brand new Live"
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Thoughts? Project Red

From BBC News:

Bono bets on Red to battle Aids
By Tim Weber
Business Editor, BBC News website, in Davos

"We are not winning in the war against Aids."
The rock star Bono has launched a new global brand, Product Red, with a share of profits to go to the fight against Aids in Africa.

Launch partners American Express, Gap, Converse and Giorgio Armani announced a range of "red" branded products.

These will include T-shirts, footwear, sunglasses and a credit card.

The hope is that profits from the venture will generate a "sustainable" flow of money to support the Global Fund to Fight Aids, TB and Malaria.

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Any thoughts? The No Logo girl in me is going "arrrrgh", but the materialist poverty-fighter in me would really like the red Converse.

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Help a fellow U2 fan (pretty please...)

Hello everyone!!! *waves*

I know I haven't posted here since... I can't remember if I ever posted, but I read all the entries everyday as a way to keep me U2fied ;). Well, I'm Adriana, and I just have a little request for help if all you nice people could help me. I'm writing a paper about the different religions in the US with a friend and I was planning on doing a collage, and I'd like to include the "COEXIST" logo. I was wondering if any of you could help me find it, like big enough to include it on a letter-sized collage.

Oh, deadline is next Monday.

Thanks so much in advance!!!

- A U2 fan in need ^^ :).
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Bit late today, sorry folks, but here we have Thursday's Song of the Day which is...

She's A Mystery To Me

a.k.a. the best U2 song they never kept for themselves. In my opinion, at least!

This is the song Bono and Edge wrote for that great singer, Roy Orbison. In 'Into The Heart' it mentions the fact Bono wanted to write a "truly classic song" and wanted someone amazing to sing it. "She's A Mystery To Me" is the perfect song for someone of Roy Orbison's talent and stature. He has the kind of honest, plaintive voice that really suits the mood of the song and the lyric. I'm a fan of much of his stuff anyway, so of course I love his version. I haven't heard it often and don't have it to upload, maybe someone else could oblige and be so kind.

However this is a U2 community so I am singing the praises of U2's own rendition of that beautiful song. In 'Into The Heart' it states nicely that it's "a song that was both so characteristically their own and yet so beautifully and accurately weighted for Orbison." This is so true and why it works so well with either artist performing. There are a few versions but the one I'm going to upload is the live one from Brooklyn Bridge in 2004. I sometimes wish they'd do a 'definitive' but I enjoy the atmosphere of the live tracks so much it doesn't really matter.

The main reason why I adore this song is its lyrics. We all know that Bono is a brilliant lyricist and here he does it again, producing a bitter-sweet tale of a man unable to drag himself away from the spell of a woman. As with my song choice last week ("Hallelujah Here She Comes") once again we have the image of woman as the temptation, irresistible, on a pedestal, except here there is, to me, more pain involved for sure. The lyrics to the 'proper' Orbison version are, unsurprisingly, longer and more involved than whatever Bono managed to remember at Brooklyn ;) It's all about night-time, the enigma of a woman, how someone can be so entranced and so captured without knowing that much about the other person. We've probably all been there to some extent at one time, and it's this realism and resonance that gives the song its edge.

The live version is gorgeous with Bono seemingly at random deciding to play a rarely-heard gem, then the others join in until he turns to Larry for help ending the song! I'm going to include both sets of lyrics for y'all from u2wanderer.org.

Fave lyric:
In the night of love
Words tangled in her hair
Words soon to disappear
A love so sharp it cut
Like a switchblade to my heart
Words tearing me apart

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Song uploaded to YSI here, if someone could then put it in Gmail I'd appreciate it as my computer will die if I even try!

Thanks and goodnight, more next week!

EDIT: Realised I have said nothing of note about the music of the song - it probably shows that I am the typical English Lit student obsessed by the poetic/language side to the omission of all else. ;) Anyway, as a short-hand version, Larry's gentle drums, Adam's low-key bass and Edge's beautiful guitar all contribute to make the live 'random' track sound like it had always meant to be. :)
achtung baby

(no subject)

just wondering,

if you were planning to meet The Edge in 24 hours, what would you get him to sign?

i was thinking i could take apart my custom framed achtung baby poster,
i bring in my fav 3 cd covers, AB, Pop, and probably Joshua Tree...

no reason.

what do you think?
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