January 31st, 2006

Song of the Day

"Drowning Man" from War

Alright, folks, the last album track (that isn't a cover) to be originally posted in SotD. Can ya handle it?

"Drowning Man" is the 'pretty' song among militant drumming, angry lyrics, and shouts.  It is much like "Stay" in Zooropa, only a little bit less so.  I find it easier to stand out against experimentalism than anger, at least in music. Edge is quoted as saying DM is perfection, that many of the tracks on War could be gone back to and improved, but don't mess with this one.

The crux of the music is that wonderful acoustic guitar supplied by Edge.  I also like the layering of vocals, as if singing into a cavern of some sort. "This love, this love, this love... lasts forever". It isn't Bono put up to an echo effect, but he and Edge alternating. Larry's brushes (no, not the ones for his mullet) make him almost inaudible. Adam, too, is very low in this song, and you really have to listen for our rhythm section.
Speaking of our favorite bass player, this song is dedicated to him. While the song is deeply spiritual, and could be a love song. The last line in Into The Heart, kinda mentions as an afterthought "And it is addressed to Adam." I'm guessing Adam and Bono were BFFL or something, because Adam would even stand as best man in Bono's wedding. Not to mention Adam would very soon need some help from friends

Today's lyrics are brought to you by U2.com.... and the letter P.
(sorry, couldn't resist)

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U2 back in the USA

While I know that Vertigo '06 will be taking the band to the Southern hemisphere for quite some time and there's still a big, bad world out there for Bono to save and all..has anyone heard anything about when we might hear a new U2 album? It seems that jones for U2 knows no bounds and seeing them live semi-recently has only added to my devotion. I am now wondering why I didn't go to more shows when I could have! Enlighten me...if anyone has any info.