February 3rd, 2006

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Super Secret Project: Part III

Long story short, I need to sell my beanie babies. My mom and I were massive collectors in the late 90's and I have a box full of them. So yesterday I found them and saw that I had a buffalo. <- !
Talking to sellyoursoul we kinda got to talk about making a One video with the buffalo jumping off the edge of my bed.
And then it all spiraled out of control.
I really do apologize.

It's a streamable version of my parody on One.
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Do I have entirely way too much time on my hands? Yes. Yes I do.
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Bono's remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast

I've seen articles and video/audio of Bono's remarks at the Nat'l Prayer Breakfast posted here, but for those poor saps on dialup (or at work or whatever) for whom downloading isn't an option, behind the cut lies the full transcript of Bono's remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast. My apologies if this has been posted as well and I just missed it somehow. :)

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I need your help!!!!!

Hi! I need help from people in this community. I have a speech due next week for my public speaking class. We're supposed to pick an excerpt or something from a poem, song, piece of literature, etc. I really want to talk about how I love music and include U2 lyrics. I love so many songs, but I can't find one that sums up me as a person. Like something people will like even if they have no idea who U2 are (if that's possible)...

Basically, does anyone have any suggestions? What's a couple of lyrics from a U2 song that you would use to describe yourself? And lyrics that can stand on their own, without me having to read the whole song.

Thanks to anyone who can help! I really appreciate tips from everyone! :)